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Meticulous copyeditor and proofreader with 20+ years of experience in helping professional, creative, freelance and technical writers develop and perfect their projects


Why worry or feel insecure about your writing when you can call on me for stress-free, hassle-free expert help? Working with me will save you from discovering that you released something full of embarrassing errors or lacking in conciseness or clarity. I specialize in making your words work for you, providing the elite level of accuracy, thoroughness, attention, expertise and value you deserve. My services focus on ensuring flawless grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation and structure and that your writing conveys clarity, precision and consistency in style.


I’ve moonlighted as a writer and editor since high school, when I was editing papers for fellow students. Since then, I’ve proofread and edited for law firms, multinational corporations, small businesses, publishers, authors and other individuals. After working with major law firms and attorneys for two decades, I’m intimately familiar with legal terms and implications as well as the need for specific phrasing and application of styles and citations, such as outlined in Bluebook. I can work using your own house style or an industry style. I’m also well accustomed to the proper structuring of legal documents and can ensure your formatting meets standard acceptable guidelines with uniformity throughout your document.

I’ve worked in all areas of law — most notably, corporate, transactional, securities, litigation, labor and employment, bankruptcy, intellectual property, real estate, class action, technology, telecommunications, banking and finance — with dozens of full-service international and domestic firms, litigation support services and court reporting agencies.


If technical editing is what you need, you’ll want a copy editor with a “real” technical background. I’m a wordsmith who happens to also be a techie, with an AAS in Computer Information Technology with emphasis in software programming, a BS in Information Science and Technology, and university diplomas/certificates in computer forensics, project management and database programming.

My technical editing services focus on ensuring complex technical processes are depicted clearly and vividly, that all text, graphics and illustrations are relevant and easy to understand, and that formatting conforms to your style manual of choice. I’ll also adapt technical jargon for your target audience as needed.


I’ve been editing and hand-coding websites since 1997. I’m fluent in the most popular markup and programming languages as well as WordPress and other content management systems. This means I can edit or proofread your website content in its final form within your source code or CMS without breaking it. It also means you don’t have to go through the trouble of exporting it to a Word or text file before submitting it to me. With me as your editor, you have both time-saving options to choose from.


Early in my career, I was named among the top 37 book doctors in the U.S. by Writer’s Digest for my work with novels and nonfiction. My goal is to enhance your distinct style while maintaining your unique voice. I work with creative and traditional nonfiction as well as short stories, novellas, anthologies, novels, screenplays and play scripts.

My proofreading service involves checking for grammar, spelling, punctuation, numerals, capitalization, dialogue treatment, layout, formatting, line and letter spacing, breaks (paragraph, section and chapter) and all other mechanics.

My copyediting and line editing services include all checks covered by proofreading and further encompassing word usage, repetition, confusing similarities, organization, redundancies, improbable actions, character issues, basic factual errors, inconsistencies, structural flaws and logic gaps.

I am presently accepting and scheduling new clients. Want to request an estimate or free sample edit?

Cell phone: 972-646-0842

Email: tr-efa@tiaross.com
Email: tia@wordwiserink.com


Years in the field: 22
Years freelancing: 22


Tia Ross

Member at Large

Tia Ross is no stranger to nonprofit leadership. In 1997 she formed a local writers association and developed a website that attracted interest from around the world. Seeing a much bigger need and demand to be met via the internet, she launched the first Internet-based 501c3 literary arts association a year later, serving as its director for five years. She also served on boards for Houston Council of Writers and Words of Wisdom Writers Society.

She is currently Co-Chair of the EFA Events Subcommittee and Meeting Planner for the 2019 EFA conference, roles that also complement her vast experience. In 2000 Tia created the renowned Black Writers Reunion & Conference, the first touring conference for black writers. She directed seven multi-day conferences and two retreats before replacing Black Writers Events in 2017 with Writeful Places LLC, hosting destination retreats for writers and editors in exotic locations worldwide. She also owns Boss Meetings, an independent meeting and travel planning firm.

A freelance editor since 1995 and the owner of WordWiser Ink, Tia provides writing, editing and proofreading services for business, technical and legal documents, websites, nonfiction and fiction. An editor with a "real" technical background, Tia is an experienced developer with an AAS in Computer Information Technology–Software Programming, a BS in Information Science and Technology, certificates in computer forensics, project management and database programming, and several IT certifications.

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