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Ferdinand, Pamela
Award-winning Journalist•Ghostwriter•Editor•Author: Professional, high quality service

Devine, Laurie

King, Frances B.
Nonfiction writer, editor, proofreader, personal biographer, family historian

Cannon, Natalie
Experienced editor and diversity reader looking for fiction

Hall, Rachel L.
Calling All Spiritual/Religious Writers, Theologians, Mystics, Memoirists, and Teachers of All Fields: Prepare to publish your unique voice with polished, professional editing.

Lee-De Amici, PhD, Beth
Thorough, versatile editor with an eye for detail and an ear for voice and cadence. I handle fiction, nonfiction, and film/TV scripts in a variety of genres and subject areas.

Dearing, Matthew T
An editorial collaborator for technical work specializing in AI, machine learning, computer science, data science, and physics with expertise in scientific communication for impactful research.

Winters-Tetreau, Cheryl
Publishing professional with 40+ years of experience in newspaper, magazine, book, and
Web environments. Providing a full range of editorial services, from manuscript to print.

Thom, Blossom
As an editor who balances text for a culturally diverse audience, I work with clients to improve the clarity and eloquence of their words.

VanTuinen, Ingrid
Nonfiction editor and word nerd providing comprehensive editing and plain language services for individuals and organizations.

Goldstein, Allison
A true editor is a partner.

Albert, Nic

de Keijzer, Hannah
Helping nonfiction authors and artists share bold ideas in writing they're proud of.

Moore, Jonathan
Providing reliable copyediting and proofreading since 2009 in the area of Economics. Specialize in non-native English authors of academic papers, books, and dissertations.

Oberhill, Bailey-Ann
New Chapter Writing Services

Endsley, Kezia E
I am an editor and writer with over 25 years of experience. I am the author of many educational books for middle school and high school aged students and am comfortable with highly technical subjects.

Levin, Judy
I'm an editor and a writer, and I'm interested in everything. I know writing is hard. An editor is the one person whose only job is to help writers say what they mean as well as they possible can.

Dyer, Michelle
As an advocate for both you and your reader, I maintain your voice, style, and purpose, all while creating a seamless, accessible reading experience for your audience. 

Sonnet, PhD, Marie
I am a scholar-practitioner who offers developmental editing at project rates to mid-career graduate students writing theses and dissertations that meet academic requirements and tight deadlines.

Harris, Jennifer

Pearson, Amanda
Academic editor w/ 15+ years of experience providing line editing and developmental editing for scholars who write books and journal articles with top-tier publishers in the social sciences.

Kruse, Amanda Christine

Schnur-Fishman, Anna
I love finding just the right words. I edit, copywrite, and manage editorial projects for institutions (& occasionally individuals). Special interests in LGBTQ+ ,cog sci/psych, Judaism, edu., DEI.

Maybin, Jennifer George
Experienced, certified editor in the life sciences (ELS) and writer with developmental and copyediting skills in textbooks, patient education, eLearning, and digital products.

Reyna, Zachary Low
Editor, proofreader, published writer, and researcher. PhD Johns Hopkins Univ.—literary studies and social sciences, 10+ years’ experience. Extensive experience working closely w/ non-native writers.

Zastudil, Nancy
The Necessarian provides editing services to artists and arts organizations.

Grenier, PMP, Tracy

Wiener, Barry

Liu, Sarah Grace
I specialize in speculative fiction of all sorts and work primarily with indie authors. I base my business on the belief that the best editor is first and foremost a fan.

Garbacik, Jaimee
Developmental editor with an agency background and fifteen years of experience, specializing in literary and commercial fiction, essay collections, and YA.

Rankin, Tess
Academic editing and Spanish-to-English translation.

Lukatch, Miranda
I have 15 years of experience as an independent editor. My goal is to serve you as the author and to make your work the best it can be while still preserving your unique voice and vision!

Reitano, Natalie

Ashkenazi, Niva
Fiction developmental editor, legal / academic / corporate copy editor

Shaler, Cynthia M
Award-winning editorial and design solutions for clients in software, medical-device, engineering, and education, as well as for small businesses and the community.

Deer, Marie
*International, multilingual* I care about your message and your words. Let's talk about your project! Deep experience in humanities, fiction, poetry, & memoir, in English, French, German, & Spanish.

Cable, PhD, Charlotte Marie
Professional academic editing, writing coach, and technical writer since 2009. Having me on your team is like having your own academic reviewer --- but I'm much more fun.

Rommel, Andrea Gebhart
Do you need a writer or editor with a strong technical background, one who understands the details of the science that you need to communicate? If so, I can help you and would love to hear from you.

Phan, Sandra

Perkins, Dona Hightower
Providing the Best in Business, Technical, Educational, and Medical Writing and Editing

Cernik, Frank Matej
What your readers remember is how your writing made them feel, and feelings are my specialty. I can help deepen your speculative fiction with my training in philosophies of mind and emotion.

Gumpert, Mariah
Experienced nonfiction editor specializing in developing, editing, writing, and repurposing content according to the needs of project, audience, style, and brand.

Stromer, Lila
I'm dedicated to helping writers focus and polish their words to produce quality work that inspires, informs, and engages their audience. How can I help you make your words crisp, clear, and cohesive?

Lawhead, Coeli and Ross
Fabled Fox Editing offers developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, typesetting, cover design, ghost writing, and more. With experience in traditional publishing...

Miller, Nina
Advocacy, policy, & resource mobilization strategist, writer, & editor. International development for family planning; sexual & reproductive health & rights; women & girls empowerment, and more.

Jones, J. Sydney
J. Sydney Jones is the author of twenty books of fiction and nonfiction.

Green, Faolan C.
As an editor, I team keen feedback with boundless encouragement. I offer developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting for literary, speculative, and historical fiction, and academic writing.

Saylor, Sara
Academic Developmental Editor - PhD in English

Batchelder, Edward W
Academic manuscripts, trade fiction and nonfiction, corporate communications, blogs, . . . and anything else that needs a widely experienced editor

Go, Christianne
Copyeditor | Line Editor | Proofreader. BA in English (UC Berkeley), plus the "Professional Sequence in Editing" (UC Berkeley Extension). Specialty: character-driven fiction, almost all genres. CMOS.

Ortiz, Emily
I am passionate about literature and would love to help you with any writing or editing needs. I have edited 4 published novels and have only 5-star reviews on other freelance sites. Let's chat!

Lester, Rebecca
PhD in cultural anthropology w/ specialties in gender, mental health, religion, sexuality. Also LCSW w/ expertise in eating disorders, depression, trauma. 20+ years' authorial/ editorial experience.

Winting, Christian Pizarro
Detail-oriented copy editor and proofreader focusing on nonfiction books, academic writing, and business communications.

Beeson, Mairead
Award-winning, enthusiastic editor and writing coach. Specializes in developmental editing, line editing, and proofreading.

Kuhl, Brian
Experienced editor of academic writing and general nonfiction. Accurate, professional, on time.

Schweiter, Caroline V.
Old-fashioned grammar, up-to-date sensibility

Graham-Tillman, Nancy
Expert, efficient, and intuitive editing and proofreading services. Certification from UCSD and master's degree in English. Current, fresh, experience in nonfiction. Dependable, honest, enthusiastic.

Guenther, PhD, Amy K.
I'm Dr. Amy K. Guenther (she/her), a freelance editor based in Asheville, North Carolina. I specialize in developmental editing and copyediting academic manuscripts.

Ghislin, Mary Carol
Supervising Editor, author of middle reader nonfiction, 30 years editorial experience. I work with a keen eye on the clock and calendar to meet your deadlines.

O'Brien, Sarah
I provide developmental, line, and copyediting services for academic writers in the humanities and social sciences.

Mullin, Molly
An experienced editor with a PhD in cultural anthropology and a BA in history, I work with authors in fields across the humanities and social sciences.

Levin, Janina

Wyckoff, Claire
Experienced developmental and copy editor. Taught in NYU Publishing Center. Expertise in a wide range of nonfiction areas.

Heidel, Judi
Do you have a manuscript you have considered publishing? Are you looking for help on your draft? I love working with new authors! My specialties are poetry, memoir, and literary fiction.

Hoosier, Regina

Johnson, Riley
Developmental editor, line editor, copy editor, proofreader -- fiction, nonfiction, academic/technical writing, ad copy.

Lines, AE PhD PhD, Dr Lisa
I am one of Australia's most experienced and qualified academic editors.

Carlson, Ann

Ruths, Ginny
I am passionate about language. I get a thrill out of finding precisely the right word in context. I can help you find the right words to make your writing the best it can be!

Reed, Joann Sandone
Joann S. Reed is a publishing professional with more than 30 years experience in communications and publishing. She is an expert writer, editor, project manager, researcher, analyst, and fact checker.

Altus, PhD, ELS, Michael S.
"When your manuscript needs Intensive Care" (SM)

Dory, Brittany
Copyeditor, proofreader, and developmental editor specializing in fiction, particularly genre fiction including fantasy and sci-fi.

Marope, Kate

Fueger, Kathleen M

Dent, Laura
Developmental Editor | Line Editor | Copy Editor | Proofreader

Burke, Melinda

Reveal, Judith C.
fiction editing in all genres with focus on structure and creative writing techniques; nonfiction focus on document organization, formatting, clarity of material, and back-o-the-book indexing.

Korban, Amber
Freelance Editor that edits fiction, non- fiction and academic works.

Pugh, Megan
Developmental editor of academic & trade nonfiction books from UC Press, Cornell, Oxford, Rutgers, Stanford, Wesleyan and other UPs. Published author with a Ph.D. in English from U.C. Berkeley.

Gerber, Joanne Elayne
Freelance Editor and Copy Editor

Kitchin, Deborah

Lane, Sarah
Efficient, thorough, and highly experienced editor with freelance and in-house background in educational publishing. "Hiring Sarah was the smartest move I could have made. " —M. Benn

Danielson, Caroline
Caroline Danielson is your best choice for editing medical and scientific articles and books, as well as fiction and memoir.

Wolfe, Chrissy
I offer copyediting, proofreading, manuscript critiques, developmental editing, and print and e-book formatting.

Wilt, Michael
Developmental editor, copy editor, proofreader with extensive experience in categories of spirituality/religion, memoir, science, humor, and fiction.

Hollman, Samantha
Over seven years editing creative, journalistic, and corporate pieces. Fluent in CMOS, AP, MLA, and APA styles. Additional specialties: sensitivity reader, translations editor, grant proposals.

Trimarco, James
James Trimarco is a publishing professional with a unique background spanning magazine journalism, academic research, and local government.

Mezzio, Lia Irene
Supporting writers’ growth and independence across genres, skill sets, and styles with a strong background in copy and developmental editing for students, professionals, and authors

Vander Veen, Annemarie
Editor w/ over 25 years of experience in government, business, academia. Expert in plain language principles. Subjects include green tech, business, finance, science, health, education, psychology. .

Schmukler, Linda
Proofreader with a great eye / Gifted line editor / Copy editor / Writer and more

Blue, Morgan
I specialize in developmental editing and indexing of academic texts in the humanities. I also offer copyediting and proofreading services. I hold a Ph.D. in Media Studies from UT-Austin.

Kohler, Pia
Interdisciplinary scientist and academic developmental editor, I also edit tenure, job and grant materials. I love to break down disciplinary silos and make knowledge accessible to broader audiences.

smith, annie
Welcome, new authors! I have over one hundred books under my editing belt, working with new authors as well as authors who have already published. Let's start a conversation about your project.

Griffin, Ph.D., Paul F
Giving academic and nonfiction authors confidence that your writing does justice to the ideas you want to share.

McCabe, Justin (Jun)
Editor | Fictionist | Poet — Copy Editing, Line Editing, Proofreading Specialist with a Certificate in Editing from the University of Washington

Lawson-Salmasi, Sonya
Former academic with a PhD in English now working as a freelance writer/editor

Leclerc, Sherry
Experienced editor, educator, content creator, and independent author with a B.A. in English and French and a B.Ed. Offering story level editing, copyediting, comparative editing, and proofreading.

Barton, Ellie
I love books! I specialize in memoir, nonfiction, and scholarly books. Developmental, line, and copy editing. A former writer, I have 18 years of editing experience and teach editing at Simon Fraser.

Bernstein, Rona
Providing specialized copy editing of psychological and educational materials

Orlando, Linda
Editor with 30+ years of experience. Fiction & nonfiction for published authors; business and marketing editing for Fortune 500 clients; Chicago & APA expert; references available.

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