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Mace, Emily Ruth
Academic editor with religious studies PhD specializes in editing for the humanities & social sciences. + Experience in grant & nonprofit communications & project management. #WordsWithCare

Polen, Elizabeth
Versatile, reliable editor with 20 years' professional experience in numerous genres of fiction and nonfiction

Nelson, Elisabeth
Experienced editor specializing in romance fiction and religious nonfiction. I'll sort out your timelines, fact check, and mind your "its" and "it's."

Lapidow, Rachel
Copy editor, proofreader, and beta-reader of science fiction, fantasy, comics, romance, and role-playing games. Pop culture devotee and genre fiction lover.

Norton, Dorothy
Behind every brilliant writer is a little Grammar Gnome.
Copy editing, proofreading, formatting, technical writing. Specialties include environmental engineering, nonfiction, and self-publishing.

Stuber, Lorna

Dobie, Pat
Professional, thorough and insightful editing at all levels, delivered on time and on budget.

Nelson, Andrea Karin
Specializing in developmental editing, line editing and manuscript critiques. Decades of experience in the business of language and stories.

Ferejohn, Laurel
My editing will polish your writing, in your voice, with clarity and precision. It is my pleasure to work with academic and creative writers.

Pasquantonio, Dave
Boston-Area Writer and Editor

Bower, Patricia J
I specialize in editing books and journals for university presses and other publishers. I also work with authors to prepare manuscripts for publication with publishers or self-publishing.

Kenneally, M.S., Elisabeth Anne
Developmental editor and writing coach.

Copenhagen, Cathy
Manuscript Analysis and Editing Plans for all genres.

Kelly, Deborah Goldbaum
Communications professional with proven experience in writing and editing, relationship-building, customer service, and materials creation. Primary focus on SEO content.

Moore, Jennifer Nemec
Technically savvy, creative, and meticulous editor and writer with expertise in many subject areas including academic, fiction, technical, and medical.

Vawter, Norah
Writer & editor with a wide range of services. Focusing on developmental editing of fiction. I'm a fiction writer with an MFA. I like helping other writers find their voices & achieve their visions.

Iris, Cristen
developmental and substantive editor | book collaborator | author developer
Clients include a New York Times bestseller (and 70k+ copies sold in 1st year), a GRAMMY Award winner, athletes, and experts

Scharf, Susan

Kubilis, Michelle Rose
Michelle is a writer/editor from East Boston, MA. She has completed editorial internships at DigBoston Magazine and The Marble Collection. In 2018, she managed over 50 editorial projects at Elsevier.

Moch, Adrienne
Make sure your written materials aren't just competent — but compelling — with the help of a talented, experienced writer/editor.

Marshfield, Laurel
Book Coach, Developmental Editor, Ghostwriter for nonfiction, fiction, memoir (; Ghostwriter for white papers &content marketing materials (

Goodwin, Livvy
Five years of experience in academic publishing with nonnative English speakers

Weinstein, Jana Lys

Garfinkle, Wendy C
Manuscript editor; proofreader; manuscript interior design; indexing; footnoting; graphic design.

Lux, Melissa W.
Meticulous and knowledgeable copyediting, always on time.

Martino, Michael

Asundi, Heidi
Editor (healthcare, business, education) and Writer (creative)

Wilson, April
writer and editor; mother of three beautiful girls; wife of a farmer; coffee addict; book lover

Furth, Isabella

Holmberg, Sheryl
Full range of writing, editorial, and design services. Talk to me about your project. I'd love to hear from you!

Roslak, Robyn
I am a copyeditor and proofreader of academic books and articles, museum catalogues, and dissertations in the arts and humanities. I am also an author and former academic with a PhD in art history.

Ehrman, Beverly
I can help you produce the most professional and polished document possible and assist you in all of your writing needs. A successful collaboration can make a significant difference in your work.

Gadoua, Renee K.
I'm a deadline-driven, detail-oriented writer and editor who applies old-school newspaper writing and editing skills to the fast-moving digital media landscape.

Shore, Rhonda H
Rhonda has edited congressionally mandated annual reports on terrorism, grant proposals, speeches, blogs, papers for the UN and OSCE, op-eds, fact sheets, memoirs, and historical fiction.

Nielson, Christine

Lai, Chloe
Honest, effective editing from an editor who knows how to follow the rules without cramping your style.

Lumbye, Betsy
Former newspaper editor and reporter; now author, ghostwriter, editor, copyeditor. Specialties: family and local histories, memoirs, news releases, op-eds, obits, business and nonprofit content.

Field, Janet N.

Schaver, Cristina
Bicultural and multilingual writer-editor-counselor

Gilfoil, Buffy

Pfister, MA, Christina
Let me help you clarify your vision, organize your argument, and submit your manuscript, article, or academic paper with confidence!

Duncan, Elaine M
A former corporate attorney who taught writing can help you.

Eby, Laurie
Prof. editor, 28+ yrs exp. writing/editing fiction & nonfiction. Provides array of editing services, ms critiques, & bibles. Has an MPA & 2 BA degrees & an Editing Cert. from Univ. of Chicago.

Simon Worrall - Taking New Clients Fall 2019, Heather Dune Macadam &
Internationally acclaimed nonfiction authors from National Geographic, have been published in The New York Times, Newsweek, The Guardian UK, The Daily Mail, and NPR's All Thing Considered.

Olsen, Cristina
Editing for academicians and independent scholars in the humanities and social sciences, and for essayists and memoirists. Put that book down and start your own writing!

Knox, Steve
Do you want worry-free submission of you manuscripts? I edit monographs, journal articles, and dissertations in the humanities and social sciences—from developmental, heavy editing to proofreading.

Davies, Pat

Danielson, Caroline
Caroline Danielson is your complete editorial services provider.

Keenan, Katharine
Academic editor and ethics reader.

Howie, Sheryl
Sheryl Howie: editor, researcher, writing coach, yogi, dog-walker, adventure seeker, can’t cook, but knows all style guides, formats using styles, and specializes in research papers and dissertations.

Belmont, John
Certified editor, writing coach, and linguist seeking to help others more effectively express their thoughts, ideas, and creativity in writing.

Patejunas, Gail
A copy and content editor with a design background and live storytelling experience, I help improve all types of print and digital content for publishers, agencies, authors, and organizations.

McLean, Susan
Editor and grant proposal writer. Good sense of humor and easy to work with. Call me! Susan McLean (408) 204 5790.

Smith, Brooke

Hultgren, Kellie M.
Precision. Clarity. Craft. Drawing on 10 years of in-house work and 10 more as a freelance professional, Kellie M. Hultgren delivers thoughtful, constructive book editing for publishers and writers.

Zaccaria, Marcina
Marcina Zaccaria has worked at EdLab at Columbia University, editing articles for Teacher's College Record and the New Learning Times. Her clips can be found on Twitter.

Schmidt, PhD, M Susan
"Sharpest improvement I ever saw from 1st draft to 2nd," client's agent said. Top 10 editors in New England. Academic, novels, memoirs. English professor. Published author. Master stylist.

Martel, Bob
30 years of professional experience as a business writer; I have written 3 books, edited 2 others, and published a number of articles. You can hire me for a guaranteed fixed price.

Kocsis, Joan
Experienced editor of books, articles, theses in education, race and gender issues, disability. K-12 assessment writer. Writer of food and cooking articles.

Tomkies, Kelly
award-winning editor, writer, content developer, publishing professional

Harper, Katherine
Professional editor, indexer, and researcher with a PhD in English and experience working for university presses, individual authors, and businesses. Specialties: academic nonfiction, grant proposals.

Kipp, Karin
Experienced copy editor, proofreader, project manager, educational and trade publishing


Donachie, Madeleine
I have a Ph.D. and 20+ years of professional experience in proofreading, copyediting, layout design, and illustration editing. I have authored and edited many academic books and journal articles.

Bartoy, Jenny
Content, line, and copy editor with project management background. Book manuscripts, magazine articles, web content, and more. Published writer with certificate in editing and master's degree.

Meyer, E.W. Maxwell
Former asst. prof. of rhetoric-composition. I copyedit academic books, business genres, fiction, etc. Background in religious studies (Judaism & Christianity) and cognitive linguistics.

Barrett, Julia R.
A BELS-certified editor with a background in biochemistry and toxicology, Julia specializes in biological and medical science text. She often works with authors whose first language is not English.

Brown, Kecia

Wormuth, Elise Ann
I bring many years of experience to your project; we'll work together to achieve success with your writing.

Magalnick, Barbara
My books include Social Media, Safe Conduct, English Reader, English by Television and material for websites and blogs. I love to edit fiction and nonfiction, scholarly articles, and website material.

Heilman, Sarah E.

smith, annie
Welcome, new authors! I have over one hundred books under my editing belt, working with new authors as well as authors who have already published. Let's start a conversation about your project.

Parker, Deborah
Superior coach and editor for academic materials for publication. Specializing in aquaculture, psychology/psychopathology, and alternative healing.

Reed, Joann Sandone
Joann S. Reed is a publishing professional with more than 30 years experience in communications and publishing. She is an expert writer, editor, project manager, researcher, analyst, and fact checker.

Bradley, Abigail
Tailoring words to serve your needs.

Matheson, Susan
Academic and nonfiction editor working directly with faculty members in science and engineering, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Walker, Susan M.
Educational publishing specialist

Wise, Randy
Coordinator, Book Editing Associates

Toronto, Nathan
Editing/research on a military or security theme. PhD in IR. Fluent: Spanish, Arabic (native English). Author of academic books and scifi novels. Copy edit, proofread, line edit, develop, research.

Marincola, Elizabeth
Magazine/journal publishing professional and speech writer. Emphasis on major talks, op-eds, policy statements, newsletters, annual reports, journalism, resumes. Fast proofreading and line editing.

Devendorf, Linda R.
Writer-centered editor, copyeditor, proofreader, and advisor with 35 years' experience

Clody, Kelly N

Torrado, Vanessa

Smith, Leslie
Creative writer and versatile copyeditor, familiar with both US and UK English. Frequent and enthusiastic work with non-English speakers.

Redmond, Cheryl
The mark of a great cookbook is often a greasy thumbprint. I love the art and science of cooking and I enjoy editing cookbooks so they'll be used again and again.

Canavan, Susan
Veteran editor from a major trade publishing house. Nonfiction, fiction editing from macro to micro.

Whitteker, Danae

Daly, Christopher
Specializing in small business work of all kinds, particularly online content writing. End-to-end manuscript prep is my second major type of work.

Markesich, Diane

Curialle, Barbara
Specializing in developmental and manuscript editing in the humanities, music, American and world history, and political science; college textbooks, popular nonfiction, and scholarly monographs

Chmelko, Jill
Experienced copyeditor and proofreader specializing in fiction manuscripts and marketing materials.

Schader, Susan

Yankopolus, Jennifer Evans
Content/developmental editing for architecture and design, Southern history/culture, preservation, sustainability, garden history, general nonfiction, and authors who are not native English speakers.

Stoddard, Brooke C.
Author of two well reviewed books. Writer and Editor for Time-Life Books and National Geographic. Specialties are technology, construction, history and travel.

Rosekind, Rachel
I am as passionate about your writing as you are! I bring joy & precision to the process of creative composition and guide people toward greater confidence, momentum, and expressive fluency.

Bonner, Robin C

Turner, Rachel

Eichelberger, Tracy Susan

Durham, Jamie

Poe, Rachel
Editor, Writer, and Graphic Designer - young adult, mystery, animal

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