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Meravy, Patricia A.
Peer review editorial and writing specialist services; experience with STEM publications. College writing instructor and tutor for over 20 years.

Ruggeri, PsyD, Nicole
I am a practicing licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in American Psychological Association (APA) style academic copyediting and proofreading.

Cambron, Cathy

Lapidow, Rachel
Copy editor, proofreader, and developmental editor of science fiction, fantasy, comics, romance, board games, and role-playing games. Pop culture devotee and genre fiction lover.

A Scott, Mark
I want to help you get started, when you get stuck, and manage the writing process, as well as pacing, character arcs, , doing research, and copyediting.

Fay, Gail
Line editor, content editor, and ghostwriter with fourteen years' experience working on nonfiction books. Specialties include biography, education, how-to, memoir, self-help, and young adult.

Deer, Marie
*International, multilingual* I care about your message and your words. Let's talk about your project! Deep experience in humanities, fiction, poetry, & memoir, in English, French, German, & Spanish.

Rawlins, Laurie
Fine art, cultural heritage, art crime and recovery, environment--non-fiction and fiction

Zox-Weaver, Annalisa
Academic Editor, PhD in English

Dearing, Matthew T
An editorial collaborator for technical work specializing in AI, machine learning, computer science, data science, and physics with expertise in scientific communication for impactful research.

Peveto, Jacqueline
Thoughtful, in-depth fiction and nonfiction editing and dynamic writing services.

Sim, Audra
Editing, permissions, and research to support academic and nonfiction writers in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Specialties in the fields of music, communication, and reference works.

Caverhill, Cassandra
Specializing in developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading. Proficiency with APA, Chicago, and MLA styles. Cassandra earned a certificate in Editing from the University of Chicago.

Rose, John
Writer, editor, and indexer with education in music, literature, and Russian. Over a decade of experience editing for PR firms, book publishers (academic and trade), and authors.

Zegarra, Edward
Nonfiction editor (10 years' experience), Spanish/English translator, and American anthropologist (PhD). Available for fiction as well. Here to help you reach the next level in your craft.

Golebowski, Karen H.
Biomedical writing, researching, and reporting services are available here!

Child, Mary
Mary Child is an editor of books, journal articles, essays, speeches, publishing proposals and more. She has more than 25 years of experience in book editing.

Ross, Matthew
English Ph.D. with 13+ years of experience as a writer, editor, and college English instructor. Current lead editor on a YA fantasy adventure series, former Features Editor with CBR.com

Hulse, Corrie
I am a freelance editor and writer with a focus in non-profit and international human rights work.

Dankel, Tara
As a non-fiction developmental and line editor, with more than seven years experience supporting academics and other practitioners, increasing the reach of your ideas is my mission and my craft.

Bishop, Claudette
Substantive editing/rewriting to improve clarity, tone, effectiveness • Accurate, thorough copyediting and proofreading • Specialty is scientific and technical topics • Layout • Creative interviewing

Goode, Brooke
A lifelong lover of books and words, a meticulous eye for detail, a keen ear for the rhythm of language, and 30 years' editing experience. Have lived and worked in US, UK, Australia, and Africa.

Diamond, Shifra
Copyediting and line editing for scholarly nonfiction

Pellegrini, Nancy
Nancy Pellegrini's 15-plus years of writing and editing includes work with Penguin Random House and the United Nations. Specializations are copyediting, rewrites, ghostwriting, arts, and China/Asia.

Manis Johnson, Kathleen

Gardner, Mark
Editing, proofreading, fact-checking, topic research; books, blogs, any text. Editing experience includes self-help, reporting, true crime, street lit, and fantasy; fourteen books as of May 2022.

Grathwol, Kathleen
Experienced developmental, substantive & line editor. With PhD (Brandeis), also offer practical feedback as an educated non-specialist, esp. on documents targeting mix of expert & non-expert readers.

Wagger, Rosanne

Floyd, Marguerite
My years of editing and proofreading experience covers a variety of writing: administrative, technical, marketing, health care, academic, creative, and more. I can make you and your words shine!

Christiansen, Kelli
Kelli Christiansen works closely with authors—debut authors and seasoned writers of fiction and nonfiction alike—to bring their manuscripts to life and help make their publishing dreams come true.

Shanahan, Whitney
Editor, proofreader, copy editor with bachelor degree certification

Van Deventer, Allison
Allison Van Deventer is a knowledgeable and versatile editor who specializes in developmental editing of academic manuscripts, especially in the humanities.

Rankin, Tess
Academic editing and Spanish-to-English translation.

Kenneally, M.S., Elisabeth Anne
Developmental editor, writer, and copyeditor.

Baker, Lauren P.
Catalysis Biomed, LLC, Board-certified Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS), PhD in Neurobiology

Murtoff, Jennifer
Versatile, academically oriented editorial services provider

Strand, David

Koerbel, Nancy

Kirsch, Bob
 Articles in The Lancet, The Washington Post, Scientific American. Over a thousand articles published on medicine and health. Partisan Review (on Cézanne). Experienced editor, researcher. On-time.

Padou, Alexandra Iulia
That's why I do what I do - not to change your story, but to help you find a way to make it even greater than it is, by zeroing in on the little hiccups and offering solutions.

Turner, Rachel
Academic/nonfiction editor with expertise in Chinese, art history, and archaeology

Putnam, Sara
Copy/line and developmental editor with 35 years' experience in a range of nonfiction genres.

Dragga, Amy
Experienced nonfiction copyeditor and developmental editor; experienced grant writer.

Elliott Escobedo, Catherine
"Catherine is a rare gem in the publishing industry. Her knowledge and skills are surpassed only by her remarkable sense of passion."

Tallman, Alissa
I aim to add value to people’s work and help them get one step closer to sharing their thoughts and ideas with their audience.

smith, annie
Welcome, new authors! I have over one hundred books under my editing belt, working with new authors as well as authors who have already published. Let's start a conversation about your project.

Koppman, Steve G
Steve Koppman is a writer, author, commentator and playwright with strong background in public policy and business, as a communications industry analyst and an editor for non-native-English academics.

Goetz, Laura
Top-notch editor and proofreader specializing in scholarly publishing.

Pagenhart, Pauly
Likely as old as you or older–in a good way!–with an optimum balance of experience and curiosity. Academia and the non-profit sector a specialty; unrelenting dedication to razor-sharp predication.

Counihan, Clare
Developmental and copy editing for scholars and professionals, specializing in the humanities and qualitative social sciences.

Shopland, Jennifer

Berg, James
developmental and copy editor for academic and general-interest books and articles

Phillips, Chloe

Lawson, Sara
With her eclectic background in music, ancient history, and theology; a love for all things fantasy; and a history of magazine editing; Sara Lawson loves to help authors bring their stories to life!

Trusheim, Rachel
Developmental editor and book designer with a background in NYC trade publishing. Experience in most genres, and offers personalized publishing consultation to help writers achieve their goals.

Mullican, Sarah
My strength is the ability to cut out redundant words and sentences. I can capture the core meaning, and I am able to write it more concisely.

Butts, Angel
Former MLA staff member with 20 years of editorial experience. MA/ABD in sociology with statistics training. Clients include St. Martin's Press/Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, and major universities.

Stazyk, Kelly K.

McLaughlin, Abigail
Affordable, open-minded editor and proofreader specializing in Christian nonfiction. Worked at Proverbs 31 for two wonderful years as copy/developmental editor. I offer payment plans and discounts!

White, Abigail
Writer, editor, and educator with seven years of experience in book publishing, B2B and B2C content marketing, education, and the arts.

Allen, Mark
My focus is on accurate and clear writing, and my skills have been honed over 30 years of editing and coaching at daily newspapers and for a variety of individual clients.

Dabkowski, Brendan
I am a seasoned editor, writer, journalist, copywriter, copyeditor, writing coach, content producer, storyteller, and poet. Ultimately, I love language and can help you put yours to a purpose.

Caruana, Claudia M.

Cadette, Mary E.

Gebhart, Jane H

Halaby, Barbie
Monocle Editing: My Keen Eye for Your Best Words

Price, Lori
Proofreading, copyediting, editing, blogging, writing

Perkins, Dona Hightower
Providing the Best in Business, Technical, Educational, and Medical Writing and Editing

Recupero, Amanda
Editor with expertise in academic writing. I help authors sculpt their prose so that they can reach their audience confidently and get closer to publication. Any stage of the revising process welcome.

Holmes, Kelsey
Editing and literary services with the aim to help writers improve their craft. Services include proofreading, copy editing, line editing, developmental editing, brainstorming, and research.

Stern, Elizabeth H.

Duncan, Megan

Braz, Lynn
Writing, Editing, Ghostwriting, Copywriting, Print and Digital

Garvey, Geoffrey
Seasoned editor, proofreader and indexer with deep experience in educational and academic publishing

Mederos, Rosemi
With 20 years of publishing experience, Rosemi enjoys working closely with authors and publishing houses to perfect manuscripts while staying true to the book’s purpose and the author’s voice.

Heath, Karen
Developmental & copy editing, book coaching for fiction and memoir. As an editor and teacher, I’ll help you build on your best to finish your book. Particular experience with first-time authors.

Kshirsagar, Sumedha

Briegel, Toni
All writers need supportive, knowledgeable, and sensitive editors. Affordable ranks high on the list, too. With me, you get the whole package.

Ford, Kenneth W.
Elderly but spry physicist/writer able to help other scientists -- or business people -- achieve their aims in writing.

Wiener, Barry

Wessman, NancyKay Sullivan
Wessman writes, speaks, consults, edits to showcase word power. Words! Experience in publishing includes all steps in traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing enterprises.

Williamson, Lisa

Eby, Laurie
Prof. editor, 30+ yrs exp. writing/editing fiction & nonfiction. Provides array of editing services, ms critiques, & bibles. Has an MPA, 2 BA degrees, & an Editing Cert. from Univ. of Chicago.

Appel, Sara
With a PhD in Literature from Duke University, Sara is a skilled developmental editor, teacher, and writing coach.

Griffith, Jennifer
I specialize in edting for all academic documents––theses, dissertations, articles, books––and working with non-native writers. https://academiccopyeditor.wordpress.com/

Glymour, Madelyn
Academic editor and writer with experience in copyediting and substantive editing across multiple fields.

Coulton, Brigitte
Meticulous and versatile nonfiction copyeditor. Able to take on complex projects and subjects with ease.

Newell-Amato, PhD, Domenica
I specialize in academic copyediting and French-English translation. I am an ongoing copyeditor for Penn Press and Cambridge Univ. Press. I have a PhD in French literature.

Kruse, Amanda Christine

George, Bruno
Editing, by George.

Pickard, Cassy
Fiction preferred but open to other projects. Extensive history in writing both academic work, thrillers and women's fiction.

McLerran, Paul James
Line, copy, and developmental editing as well as proofreading for works of fiction, all genres. Will also edit memoirs and other nonfiction.

Jones, Kay
A background in cross-cultural studies and foreign languages (including Japanese, French, and Chinese) lends broad perspective to my editing of works intended for global readership.

Srivastava, Richa
Experienced editor with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry. Skilled in text editing, Content development, e-pubs. Editorial expertise on graduate and postgraduate level books

Lin, Ellie
Board-certified Editor in the Life Sciences committed to helping clients produce clear, error-free publications and communications in the biomedical fields.

Smith, Nora
Fiction and nonfiction editor with fifteen years of professional editing experience and dozens of happy clients. Competent, compassionate, and easy to work with.

Van Zandt, Christine
Since 2009, I have successfully helped clients on their path to publication. I’m committed to providing thoughtful thorough review of projects with constructive yet kind responses. I meet deadlines.

Altus, PhD, ELS, Michael S.
"When your manuscript needs Intensive Care" (SM)

Merritt, Cortni
Please pardon our dust

Kohl, Barbara A

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