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Davis, Mariel

Cherry, Cheryl A.
Need help expressing your ideas or presenting information clearly? I can help!

Fenske, Caroline Beetz
PhD economist with editorial training at EconWriter International: www.EconWriter.com

Wolfe, Michael
Compassionate book coach and full-service editor helping writers at any stage in the writing process. Specialties: literary fiction, nonfiction, memoir, biography, and more. Let's chat. : )

Glaser, Joshua
Professionally trained editor of academic articles and books, nonfiction books, and novels, with over 25 years’ experience teaching writing.

Swartzfager, Megan

Grathwol, Kathleen
Experienced developmental, substantive & line editor. With PhD (Brandeis), also offer practical feedback as an educated non-specialist, esp. on documents targeting mix of expert & non-expert readers.

Rubinstein, Edward
Editor-in-chief for a world renown lifestyle author with the most well-read website in her niche of the industry. I also supervise a small team of writers and editors.

Reeder, Eric
Curriculum Development; Instructional Writing; Assessment

Mager-Lightfoot, Stephani
I'm an editor who works in both the corporate industry and the book editing industry. As a book editor, I bring a background in history, specializing in Ancient Greek and Roman history and mythology.

Stratos, Christie
From novels to nonfiction, newsletters to websites, educational materials and more, Proof Positive offers proofreading, copyediting, and developmental editing for your business or personal goals.

Bierig, Louise S.
Writer, Editor, and Workshop Leader, specializing in fiction, memoir, medical/nursing, and ESL materials.

HawkOwl, Julie
My niche is college-level science textbooks, especially neuroscience, psychology, chemistry, and all areas of biology. My education and experience help me catch, and often correct, content errors.

Miller, Nathan

Green, Faolan C.
As an editor, I team keen feedback with boundless encouragement. I offer developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting for literary, speculative, and historical fiction, and academic writing.

White, Abigail
Writer, editor, and educator with seven years of experience in book publishing, B2B and B2C content marketing, education, and the arts.

Cernik, Frank Matej
What your readers remember is how your writing made them feel, and feelings are my specialty. I can help deepen your speculative fiction with my training in philosophies of mind and emotion.

Thomson, Cameron

Breeding, Sarah Inez
Best Friends Publishing Services can help you put your best text forward: Editorial services for fiction and nonfiction.

Pious, Samantha
Editor and translator specializing in poetry, women's studies, and medieval studies.

Weiner, Marcella Fecteau
Efficient and precise editor and proofreader

DeWolf, Elizabeth
Nonfiction editor offering developmental and line editing. Specializes in sociology, visual arts, philosophy, politics, psychology, and cultural criticism.

Dino, William C
A family owned business since 2011. We are members of the ACES, EFA, and hold an A+ rating with the BBB. We use two editors on every job and offer you free sample edits of your document.

Bechtel, Lynn
Editor, writer, teacher with 17 years experience in educational publishing as well as experience in designing and presenting professional development workshops.

Basu, Ritta M.
Diversely experienced editorial professional, with specific expertise in developmental editing, educational publishing, and editorial project management. Open to new clients.

Rosenberg, Jason
Copyediting | Proofreading | Humanities & Social Sciences | ESL | APA, AP, MLA, Chicago | Essay | Arts | Nonfiction

smith, annie
Welcome, new authors! I have over one hundred books under my editing belt, working with new authors as well as authors who have already published. Let's start a conversation about your project.

Blowe, Michelle
Experienced freelance editor and copywriter

Housel, Debra
Let me ensure that your work is written right. I’m experienced in editing digital and print educational materials. I work in Word, Acrobat, and Learnosity as well as other content management systems.

Meyer, Jocelyn

Blue, Morgan
I specialize in developmental editing and indexing of academic texts in the humanities. I also offer copyediting and proofreading services. I hold a Ph.D. in Media Studies from UT-Austin.

Thompson, Suzan B
I’ve been an English teacher, freelance editor, and writing coach for the past seven years offering academic help, book coaching, and editing services

Harper, Katherine
Veteran editor, indexer, and researcher with a PhD in English and experience working for university presses, individual authors, and businesses. Specialties: academic nonfiction, grant proposals.

DeVita, Ann
Content and copy editor for fiction, nonfiction, and scholarship. Founding editor of Isthmus literary journal and former in-house editor.

Winting, Christian Pizarro
Detail-oriented copy editor and proofreader focusing on nonfiction books, academic writing, and business communications.

Barnett, William E.
Superlative professional editorial services reflecting 24 years as a freelance business and a 20-year academic career.

Deer, Marie
*International, multilingual* I care about your message and your words. Let's talk about your project! Deep experience in humanities, fiction, poetry, & memoir, in English, French, German, & Spanish.

Eagan, Kevin
Academic and nonfiction book editor and proofreader, available for hire.

Abel Editing ~ professional editing and writing services that keep you moving ahead ~ specializing in memoirs, academic writing, and science education and curriculum writing ~ friendly and creative

Frey, Rebecca J.

Jefferson, Lisa
Freelance Editor Providing Conceptual/Developmental Editing, Copy Editing, and Line Editing

Brooks, Laryssa
Published writer and editor | 5+ years optimizing English documents | Edited over 3 million words

Biunno, Anna

Dowd, Katherine

Pearson, Kari Hilder

Wisch, Bryan

Weiner, Susan
Every word counts: this former Yale professor of French Cultural Studies will engage with you intellectually while drawing on her grant writing expertise to make your manuscript more precise.

George, Heidi

Dauphin, Janet
Developmental and copyeditor with over 17 years of experience in the field, both for a publishing company and as a freelancer. I can also help you expertly publish your book!

Crayton, Cheryl
Experience: journalism, curriculum development, nonfiction, fiction.
Skills: developmental editing, substantive/line editing, copy editing, formatting, proofreading, writing, collaboration

Sever, Megan
Scientific editor with SME in geosciences. Services: all types of editing (from developmental content editing & copyediting through proofreading), fact checking, writing and mentoring.

Emily, Kathryn Nelson
Creating clear and precise documents for the pharmaceutical industry
Helping clinicians and researchers communicate their work clearly and precisely

Kilen, Steph

Long, Janet
Experienced copyeditor/proofreader of academic and reference books and journal articles. In-house or field-preferred style (e.g., APA, CSE, CMoS). Reference lists make my day.

Myers, Joshua
Joshua Myers, Ph.D.

Yarbrough, Stephanie JR
Helping authors find their voice, perfect their plot, and polish their prose.
Developmental and Copyediting for fiction, focusing on fantasy/sci-fi, romance, mystery, and horror.

Lewin Twiss, Heather
Expertise without the ego ... professional editor, developmental editor, writer/ghostwriter, and curriculum developer who is here to make you look good. Contact me, and we'll chat about your project.

Peveto, Jacqueline
Thoughtful, in-depth fiction and nonfiction editing and dynamic writing services.

Rosen, Adam
Nonfiction editor with many years of in-house experience. Friendly, not stuffy. I can help you be your best (writing) self.

Jordan, Cara
Flatpage offers expert editing services and publishing for academics, authors, artists, and organizations. We can help you develop your ideas, write a successful text, and get it published.

Paige, Lisa
Experienced. Educated. Creative. Efficient. Precise. No matter what type of editing your project needs, Lisa has the skills to help.

Belkind, Nili
Freelance copy editor & substantive editor in social sciences and humanities; editor for ESL authors; Hebrew-English translation; Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, publication specific guidelines.

Nelson, Mackenzie

Ramsey, John
Philosopher for hire—plays well with others! Two decades of experience writing, proofreading, editing, and providing constructive feedback. Conversant in other academic disciplines.

Lahna, Suzanne
The Quick Fox: editing services and more, specializing in LGBT and neurodivergent stories.

Peschke, Virginia M.
Writing and editing for plant scientists

Jones, J. Sydney
J. Sydney Jones is the author of twenty books of fiction and nonfiction.

Peschke, Carol Anne
Freelance BELS-certified copyeditor with more than 30 years of experience specializing in healthcare, environmental science, resource economics, and developmental disorders.

Guy, Camille
Experienced editor with 25 years of industry experience. I believe that each project's unique voice should be handled with care.

Laird de Polanco, Catia
Copyediting, developmental editing, and proofreading services for your paranormal romance or sci-fi romance manuscript

Rodriguez, Rosario Melina
Developmental and Copy Editor

Wylie, Karen L
Your story. My skills.

Floyd, Marguerite
My years of editing and proofreading experience covers a variety of writing: administrative, technical, marketing, health care, academic, creative, and more. I can make you and your words shine!

Mathews, Val M.
I'm a big-hearted, fun-loving editor with The Wild Rose Press in New York and an experienced freelance developmental and copy editor—from the first draft to the galley proof.

Ruggeri, PsyD, Nicole
I am a practicing licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in American Psychological Association (APA) style academic copyediting and proofreading.

Cushman, Martha

Gebhart, Jane H

Covic Jr, Daniel

Duquette, Elizabeth

Wagner, Meghan
Got science? I can help you get it published, funded, presented, or taught.

McDonagh, Erika
Hi, my name is Erika. I’m a copyeditor, developmental editor, and proofreader. I work with fiction writers, and I specialize in the science fiction, fantasy, horror, and erotica genres.

Scott, Jacquelyn

Overmyer, Helen
International focus. Passion for detailed observation. Studied 8 languages, M.A. in French. Resided in 5 countries. 25+ years of experience in corporate, tech start-up, nonprofit, academic arenas.

George, Bruno
Editing, by George.

Puskar-Pasewicz, Margaret
MargaretEdits specializes in editing, indexing, & consulting for academic writers. I approach my work as a collaboration to make your writing the best that it can be. I earned my History PhD in 2003.

Dill, Jaime
Jaime Dill is a Creative Writing graduate, freelance book coach/editor, and a small press owner who specializes in story development and project management.

Platten, Terese B
Science, technology, and engineering, including the social and behavioral sciences: quality substantive and copy editing

Hammond, Karen T.
New England-based editor, proofreader, writer, author and poet. Experienced in both nonfiction and fiction.

Wadman, Lorraine
My expertise is in copy editing academic materials, primarily textbooks both online and in print. I have a teaching background and can write assessments in Learnosity. I work in InDesign and Word.

Deemer, Peggy

Roth, Judy
Freelance editor with over 25 years of writing and editing experience. Published author. New York publishing house background. Clients include bestselling and award-winning authors.

Sklener, Donna
I write & edit to produce concise, accurate, understandable and usable documents. Skills developed over decades as a technical communicator enable me to work on a variety of topics and document types.

Teneriello, Lauren
Dynamic editor with over 6 years of experience in everything from children's books to legal contracts.

Fuentes, Henry Gustavo

Kirk, Katherine
I offer copy-editing, proofreading and developmental editing for fiction aimed at adults, especially literary fiction and science fiction.

Corzatt, Reid
I'm a versatile copyeditor, copywriter, and interviewer, and I'm certified at University of Chicago's Graham School. I also speak Hungarian, a language fluency in extremely high demand.

Greenman, Ashley
Editor specializing in social sciences, economics, public administration and policy, nonprofit communications, diversity in higher education, Christian theology, and educational administration.

Reitano, Natalie

O'Reilly, Colleen
Experienced writer and editor with a PhD in art history.

Garrett, Sarah

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