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Lukatch, Miranda
I have 15 years of experience as an independent editor. My goal is to serve you as the author and to make your work the best it can be while still preserving your unique voice and vision!

Buckley, Irene

Rommel, Andrea Gebhart
Do you need a writer or editor with a strong technical background, one who understands the details of the science that you need to communicate? If so, I can help you and would love to hear from you.

Davis, Mariel

Endsley, Kezia E
I am an editor and writer with over 25 years of experience. I am the author of many educational books for middle school and high school aged students and am comfortable with highly technical subjects.

France, Emily
Professional, experienced writer, editor, and proofreader specializing in academic research, legal documents, business and nonprofit communications, and nonfiction writing of any kind.

Barnhouse, Dorothy

Dahl, Kathryn

Gage, Molly
Support for thought-provoking nonfiction.

Rosenbaum, Peter
Dissertation and Scholarly Manuscript Help from MIT PhD (Linguistics)--edited for 2,000+ scholars and students worldwide--supportive, responsive, fast, EFA price guidelines.

Broemer, Marlene
My strong point is attention to detail. I review a manuscript several times, using a combination of proofreader's marks and notes on the text. Timeliness is of utmost importance to me.

Goode, Brooke
A lifelong lover of books and words, a meticulous eye for detail, a keen ear for the rhythm of language, and 30 years' editing experience. Have lived and worked in US, UK, Australia, and Africa.

Stacey, Paula A

Thomas, Brandy

Swift, Gordon
Your words, in your voice—perfected! Substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading. Notable experience in healthcare and health insurance, public policy, IT application development, and music.

O'Reilly, Colleen
Experienced writer and editor with a PhD in art history.

Duffy, Evelyn M.
“Her work and presence are marked by grace, kindness, and integrity. She is smart, practical, and knows how to enjoy a good laugh.”
– Bob Woodward

Williamson, Lisa

Morse, Minna Scherlinder
Writer/Editor, Story Coach, Strategist, Project Manager

Magalnick, Barbara
My books include Social Media, Safe Conduct, English Reader, English by Television and material for websites and blogs. I love to work on fiction, nonfiction, scholarly articles, and website material.

King, Frances B.
Nonfiction writer, editor, proofreader, personal biographer, family historian

Thom, Blossom
As an editor who balances text for a culturally diverse audience, I work with clients to improve the clarity and eloquence of their words.

Strand, David

Harris, Jennifer

Dory, Brittany
Copyeditor, proofreader, and developmental editor specializing in fiction, particularly genre fiction including fantasy and sci-fi.

Fuleihan, Nada Sneige

Martino, Michael R.
10+ years of editing, writing and teaching experience. Eye for detail, technical know-how and a love for the creative and absurd. I work with writers of all ages and experience levels. Let's get it.

Lowney, Trish

Lankiewicz, Carol

Cantrell, Julie
NYT & USA TODAY bestselling/award-winning author with 20 years' experience for clients of all levels. Provides developmental & substantive line edits + ghostwriting/collaborative writing & coaching.

Sim, Audra
Editing, permissions, and research to support academic and nonfiction writers in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Specialties in the fields of music, communication, and reference works.

McLaughlin, Abigail
Affordable, open-minded editor and proofreader specializing in Christian nonfiction. Worked at Proverbs 31 for two wonderful years as copy/developmental editor. I offer payment plans and discounts!

Lagay, Faith L
Faith L. Lagay, PhD, has been writing and editing for more than 30 years. Co-founder and editor emerita of the AMA's Journal of Ethics, she welcomes non-fiction projects of any length..

Hatton, Olivia
Editor - Open to all genres + additional services as well!

Ruthven, Jessica S.
Ph.D. 10+ years of experience in developmental and substantive editing, writing mentorship, research, and copyediting. Academic, fiction, and trade non-fiction work. Published writer. Anthropologist.

Housel, Debra
Let me ensure that your work is written right. I’m experienced in editing digital and print educational materials. I work in Word, Acrobat, and Learnosity as well as other content management systems.

Hamilton, Kristen
Kristen is a fiction book editor for self-publishing and traditionally publishing authors. With astounding qualifications, an impressive portfolio, and a flawless mastery of the complexities of the...

Delcambre, Amy Susanne
I bring enthusiasm & positivity to every project be it editing your book, writing your marketing plan, or developing web copy. I specialize in memoir, romance, mystery, NF, & do content marketing.

Brown, Ashley
An experienced editor, I love helping people to most effectively reach their potential audience and tell good stories. I read and edit all genres, with particular expertise in nonfiction.

Edouard, Joelle

Nicely, Karin
They call me “The Re-Editor.” Once they’ve seen my work, clients often hire me to re-edit their previously edited books and other projects, too. Editing - Proofreading - Project Management

Daly, Christopher
Specializing in small business work of all kinds, particularly online content writing. End-to-end manuscript prep is my second major type of work.

Meravy, Patricia A.
Peer review editorial and writing specialist services; experience with STEM publications. College writing instructor and tutor for over 20 years.

Pollack, Eileen
One of the most well-respected editors and writing coaches in America, equally adept at fiction and nonfiction, with a deep knowledge of many fields, including the sciences.

Albert, Nic

Snobelen, Sarah

Scarr, Carol
Multi-faceted editor with engineering degree and experience editing both fiction and non-fiction

Martin, Robin
Business owners and writers, hire Robin Martin to help you present the best story to your audience. Experienced content editing, line editing, proofreading, and more. Fiction and nonfiction.

Bogen, Melissa L.
Expertise in editing & fact checking multimedia material in a wide range of therapeutic areas. Promotional & CME programs for healthcare professionals; patient education, & pharma sales training.

Nishiura, Elizabeth
Versatile publishing professional with 20+ years of experience editing content for associations, trade publishers, journals, & authors. Expertise in healthcare, medicine, social sciences, humanities.

Yamagata, Akiko
Academic editing in the social sciences and humanities, esp. anthropology, art history, East Asian studies, Japanese studies, and museum studies. Expert APA and dissertation editor.

Stuart, Karen K
25+ years English writing, grammar, and editing of both scholarly and peer reviewed academic papers.

Farley-Dawson, Elizabeth
Ecologist. Science Editor. Science Fiction Author. Developmental editing of life sciences grants, manuscripts, etc. including: ecology, biomedical and veterinary sciences, and infectious disease.

Treff, Esq., Leslie
Legal and Scientific Works Are My Specialty

Lewin Twiss, Heather
Expertise without the ego ... professional editor, developmental editor, writer/ghostwriter, and curriculum developer who is here to make you look good. Contact me, and we'll chat about your project.

Fuentes, Henry Gustavo

Patejunas, Gail
A copy and content editor with a design background and storytelling experience, I help improve content for publishers, agencies, individuals, and organizations.

Pagenhart, Pauly
Likely as old as you or older–in a good way!–with an optimum balance of experience and curiosity. Academia and the non-profit sector a specialty; unrelenting dedication to razor-sharp predication.

Go, Christianne
Developmental Editor | Line Editor | Copyeditor | Proofreader. English BA (UC Berkeley) & "Professional Sequence in Editing" (UC Berkeley Extension). Specialty: Character-Driven Fiction. CMOS.

Lester, Rebecca
PhD in cultural anthropology w/ specialties in gender, mental health, religion, sexuality. Also LCSW w/ expertise in eating disorders, depression, trauma. 20+ years' authorial/ editorial experience.

Jablon, Rachel Leah

McPhalen, Cathy
Communicating your research to all your readers: experts, grant reviewers, policy makers, patients, donors and others.

I edit and write research, technical and health documents. PhD in biochemistry

Buckley, Brian D.
I've been a copyeditor since 2016. Past clients include MIT Press, Pearson, and O'Reilly. No matter your subject or audience, I can help make your content clear, polished, and professional.

Scerbo, Allison
Thoughtful AMA editor with a passion for flawless copy that educates and motivates

Bradley, Amy
Writing Coach | Editor | Project Consultant for the Arts

DeWolf, Elizabeth
Nonfiction editor offering developmental and line editing. Specializes in sociology, visual arts, philosophy, politics, psychology, and cultural criticism.

Baker, McKenzie
7+ Years in Publishing, from Production to Proofreading and Everything in Between

Bartoy, Jenny
I'm a professionally trained editor specializing in manuscript critique, developmental editing, and line editing of fiction and memoir. I help authors shine.

Emanuelli, Sharon K.

Martinez, Noemi
sensitivity reader, cultural worker, diversity editor, researcher. My specialties are disability, neurodivergency & diversity.

Beck, Eden

Appel, Sara
With a PhD in Literature from Duke University, Sara is a skilled developmental editor, teacher, and writing coach.

O'Brien-Carlson, Amanda K.

Mack, Karen S
Award-winning executive communications specialist.

Bonilla, Paula Bryant
I am an experienced and dedicated freelance editor and content creator with more than twenty-five years in publishing.

Dyer, Michelle
As an advocate for both you and your reader, I maintain your voice, style, and purpose, all while creating a seamless, accessible reading experience for your audience. 

Felts, Libby
Writer and text editor with extensive trade magazine experience and a diverse background.

Sykes, Stephanie
I'm a meticulous, versatile editor with 20+ years of editing and proofreading experience and a specialization in academic editing and nonfiction. I’m an expert in the Chicago Manual of Style.

Breiholz, Chelsea

Manza, Todd
Friendly editorial assistance from first draft to final polish!

Van Deventer, Allison
Allison Van Deventer is a knowledgeable and versatile editor who specializes in developmental editing of academic manuscripts, especially in the humanities.

Levin, Janina

Levin, Marjorie
Total pro: Versatile non-fiction writer, editor with 25+ years' experience

Stoff, Karen
Retired military, author, cyclist, and dog mom. Military fiction/non-fiction is her specialty.

Griffith, Jennifer
I edit all types academic documents and enjoy working with non-native writers. I have particular expertise in education and music history, theory, and performance topics.

T, Kendall

Chmelko, Jill
Experienced copyeditor and proofreader specializing in fiction manuscripts and marketing materials.

Barnes, Megan
Hi-I'm Megan and I am the founder & CEO of Two Tales Editing, LLC. I consider myself to be a one-stop shop for all writers, at all stages of their writing, no matter the genre!

Michaels, Beverly
Experienced copyeditor for major academic presses, small independent publishers, and individual scholars, with special expertise in Russian history, Jewish studies, and the arts.

Locken, Tracy
Full-time freelance editor | Empowering authors to freely create
Encouraging, open-minded editor offering copyediting, line editing, developmental editing, proofreading, and manuscript evaluations.

Curry, Lynne
I’m a skilled editor who knows how to help authors clarify their writing and ensure consistency, while keeping their voice. Dissertations to children’s lit. Efficient, friendly, and affordable.

de Keijzer, Hannah
Helping nonfiction authors and artists share bold ideas in writing they're proud of.

Reeh, Cindy
Global health copyediting

Vidale, Laura
I have more than 20 years of experience editing a variety of document types and subject areas, and particular expertise in editing and revising content written by nonnative English speakers.

Pugh, Megan
Developmental editor of academic & trade nonfiction books from UC Press, Cornell, Oxford, Rutgers, Stanford, Wesleyan and other UPs. Published author with a Ph.D. in English from U.C. Berkeley.

McLean, Alice

Angelo, Douglas

Carpenter, Alexandra

Lavie, Davíd

Walker, Susan "Suzie"

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