The EFA is happy to announce the release of two new EFA booklets, available in EPUB or paperback editions.

Visual Grammar: Design Foundations for Editors, by member Kristy S. Gilbert, is an introduction to four basic principles of document design. Quick-publishing models embraced by web publishers and rapid-release book publishers mean there are fewer eyes and hands on a document before it goes out into the world. An understanding of design makes an editor a more valuable member of these small teams.

Using Freelance Platforms Safely and Effectively, by member Wes Cowley, was inspired by conversations on our very own Discussion List. Wes, who has successfully navigated and found work on freelance job sites, researched Fiverr,, Guru, PeoplePerHour, Reedsy, and Upwork to write this booklet. He provides questions for professionals to ask and red flags to look for before creating a profile and signing up with one of these companies to find freelance work. If you’ve been thinking about this job-search model, this booklet may be indispensable to you.

These, and other EFA booklets, are at our bookstore, at this link. You can also browse our other collections for preeminent freelancing books, notable editing books, valuable writing books, and publishing resources that come highly recommended by our members.

Note: If you’re outside of the US, you’ve probably noticed that our bookstore, Aerio, can be an unfriendly platform for you. We’re researching solutions, but until then, you can still order EFA booklets through your favorite bookshop by using the ISBN numbers.

Robin Martin, Publications Chairperson
EFA Board of Governors