As the nation’s oldest and largest national professional organization of editorial freelancers, the EFA and its members are a valuable resource not just for clients and experienced editors, but also for those new to the industry. Drawing on that collective wisdom, we’ve created two new resources for those seeking to become editors and/or freelancers.

Our new page So You Want to Be an Editor? provides information about and links to education programs, conferences, books, podcasts, websites, and more items to help guide would-be editors (in-house or freelance) on how to break into the industry.

Another recently created page, Resources for New Freelance Editors, focuses more on the basics of operating as a freelancer and is suited to both experienced in-house editors looking to work independently and those new to the industry altogether.

Whether or not you are new to editing, freelancing, or both, we hope that you will find these resources useful for yourself or as a handy reference when asked “You’re a freelance editor? How do I do that?”