We’ve been working to enrich EFA membership with new benefits and resources targeted at member needs. Here’s a summary of recent additions. Please see our benefits information page for details (including the IngramSpark promo code).

IngramSpark. On a trial basis, IngramSpark will allow EFA members and authors they service with IngramSpark accounts free title setup. Normally, the title setup fee is $49.00 for print books and $25.00 for ebooks or $49.00 for print and ebook when uploaded at the same time.

Mutual of Omaha. Through an agent, Mutual of Omaha is offering EFA members who otherwise satisfy underwriting criteria the following benefits:

  1. 15% off disability income insurance premiums
  2. 5% off long-term care insurance premiums
  3. “No-cost” hospital rider for critical illness insurance.

Editors Canada. Editors Canada has provided us, free of charge, a new resource called The Career Builder, which is designed as a roadmap for would-be editors, students and novice editors to improve chances of successfully launching editing careers. A four-page PDF, the resource focuses on three objectives: becoming part of the community, training and finding work. Members new to the industry will doubtless find it a valuable resource.

Michael Coffino
EFA Membership Chairperson