Basics of Editing and Proofreading (Webinar) SU19


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May 22, 2019
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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If you’ve been thinking about editing or proofreading as a career, or could use a refresher on what these skills involve, this is the session for you. I’ll help you identify the essential aspects of editing and—or vs.—proofreading, both to see which is right for you or a given project, and to educate clients about what each task involves. You’ll also gain tips on using Word and Acrobat, and a wealth of resources to further your goals. This practical overview is applicable to both freelance and in-house colleagues. Please note that it is NOT a skills course in editing and proofreading.

Ruth E. “I can write about anything!”® Thaler-Carter is an award-winning freelance writer/editor who provides editing and proofreading to magazines, newsletters and websites; law, marketing and PR firms; individuals; and nonprofits, associations, and businesses large and small. She is the editor of the EFA’s national newsletter; founder of Communication Central and creator of its annual “Be a Better Freelancer”® conference (co-hosted this year with the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors); owner and editor-in-chief of the An American Editor blog and author of its “On the Basics” column about freelancing and writing; author of the EFA’s “Freelancing 101: Launching Your Editorial Business” booklet and author/publisher of “Get Paid to Write: Getting Started as a Freelance Writer”; editor of and contributor to The Business of Editing: Effective and Efficient Ways to Think, Work, and Prosper by Rich Adin (also with Jack Lyon); and a frequent presenter on freelancing, writing, editing and proofreading, and related topics for many professional organizations.

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