Book Mapping for Developmental Editors, February 28–March 27 (4 Weeks Online) SP22


Where: AsynchronousOnline (Sakai)

February 28, 2022

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The creative process can get messy for writers—and editors. It can be challenging to edit a book that’s filled with emotional and logistical gaps in logic, dropped storylines, and underdeveloped characters. A book map is an overview of a book that helps editors analyze a manuscript, chapter by chapter and scene by scene. It’s a powerful way to get the distance you need to see a book the way a reader will and edit a book at any stage of the creative process. In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • create a book map for picture books, chapter books, middle-grade, YA, and adult novels
  • diagnose and solve problems regarding plot, character development, theme, and more
  • use the book mapping process throughout the development of the book

This class is for any editor who is new to editing fiction or is struggling to analyze a manuscript during the developmental stage.

The class will take roughly 2 hours of your time most weeks, but during the third and fourth week, you may wish to spend many more hours practicing the book mapping technique on a full manuscript.

You will be asked to find a fiction manuscript you can work on during the class. It can be an old manuscript you worked on for a client, your own work, something that’s in progress, or even a published book if needed, just something that you can dig into and try the techniques with.

“The instructor’s ‘extra’ material on business development was valuable, thorough, and worth the entire price of the class. It would make a great class in and of itself. I have already recommended this class on that basis alone.”

“Heidi’s manner is very encouraging and positive. She thinks about things in a systematic, problem-solving manner, which is what I needed to understand more about developmental editing and book mapping.”

“Heidi delivers manuscript mapping and more with the engaged heart of ‘your favorite teacher’ yet has the eagle eye and insight of a skilled editor. She created a stimulating environment for beginners through experienced editors. Loved the forum chats.”

Your instructor Heidi Fiedler has mended books, sold books, bought books, created, packaged, and devoured books. With over ten years’ experience in publishing, she has written and edited more than 300 books for clients ranging from Target to Barnes & Noble. Her credits include 180 nonfiction books in partnership with Time for Kids, 90 picture books, chapter books, and middle grade novels, plus a wide variety of activity books, and arts and crafts books. You can learn more about her work and the services she offers at

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