Copyright: Important Information for Freelance Editors (NEW! Webinar)


Where: GotoWebinar

April 18, 2017
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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This live 60-minute webinar is for editors who want to take a more informed approach on how to identify and address copyrighted content in their clients’ works. It is intended to help editors know what they or their clients don’t know about copyright compliance in the digital age. The webinar will address the topics below, which include common questions that the presenter routinely receives from editors.

  • 1. Some basics of U S copyright law.
  • 2. Important facts about the use of copyrighted works in the new digital environment.
  • 3. Delegating responsibilities regarding clearance of copyrighted works. Who is responsible: authors, editors, or publishers?
  • 4. Attribution: When is it enough and who and what determines the correct format?
  • 5. Some common myths regarding copyright.
  • 6. Relationship between copyright infringement and plagiarism and some consequences of each.
  • 7. Brief overview of the copyright permissions process.

Following the presentation, attendees will receive directions on how they can receive free copies of two informational pamphlets: “Copyright myths that can get you into trouble” and “Blogging and staying legal: 16 tips on Terms of Use.”

Joyce Miller, the Copyright Detective, is the co-owner of Integrated Writer Services, LLC, a publishing consulting service specializing in copyright clearance and copyright compliance. Joyce is a trainer and consultant to traditional and independent publishers and their support teams tasked with copyright compliance issues. She is a co-author of an award-winning book on copyright clearance, Copyright Clearance for Creatives, and an educator with over twenty-five years’ experience in publishing, copyright clearance, and copyright compliance. She has served as an intellectual property manager, first for NASA’s Classroom of the Future and later for the Center for Educational Technologies, NASA’s principal research and development center for educational technologies.

NOTE: There will be no recording of this webinar.