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All About E-Books for Editors (Webinar Series Recording)


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"The more you know about e-books, the less mystifying they are." —Kevin Callahan, instructor
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E-books aren’t just another publishing channel. Digital publishing presents great opportunities: more varied and comprehensive content than print and an expanded audience served by inclusive, accessible content. This recorded webinar series contains four one-hour recordings.

Editors are instrumental in creating robust e-books. All editorial functions, from acquisitions to copy editing to proofreading, have roles to play. Topics include:

  • What is an e-book? An under-the-hood look at EPUB creation. Tools, methodologies, workflows.
  • There’s no page count! Expand your concept of what to include: extended, interactive backmatter, hyperlinked endnotes and index, color images throughout, extended image descriptions.
  • Make every e-book accessible. Plan these elements from acquisition: structure, book section identification, image descriptions, design choices.
  • Talk to your colleagues. What does the designer need to hear? How can the production department help? What information does the e-book developer require?

This webinar series will give you a broad exposure to the possibilities and responsibilities of e-book development, as well as new areas of specialization to add to your résumé.

Kevin Callahan, the proprietor of BNGO Books, is an e-book developer, writer, and speaker based in New York City. He has presented sessions at PePcon, InDesign Conference, Digital Book World, and ebookcraft.

These webinars originally aired between September 26 and October 17, 2018.

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