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Editing Children’s Picture Books, January 11–February 6 (4 weeks online) SP21


Where: Asynchronous, Online (Sakai)

January 11, 2021

26 seats available

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Picture books are a child’s first impression of reading, but they are essentially books for an audience who cannot read. This is why picture book manuscripts have “rules” to follow for them to be engaging to both the children who listen to them and the adults who read them out loud. Editing picture books requires specialized knowledge and techniques specific to this type of fiction. If you’d like to begin editing children’s picture books, this course is a comprehensive guide ensuring you can help your client to produce a properly structured manuscript with a forward-moving plot, essential obstacles and memorable characters.

At the end of this class, students will be able to: identify the characteristics of a picture book, understand how these characteristics work together, identify and analyse problems in a manuscript and do a developmental and line edit of a picture book manuscript with reference to the specific “rules” of picture books.

Lou Piccolo is a freelance developmental editor of fiction and creative non-fiction. She also writes graded readers for Burlington Books in Spain and is the editor for Go English Kids magazine in Lyon, France.

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