Enhance Your Website’s Effectiveness (WEBINAR)


Where: GotoWebinar

April 20, 2017
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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They say it takes 10 seconds (maybe even less) to lose a potential client’s interest. Maintaining client interest is even more critical in the 21st-century…there’s so much more competition. Don’t assume you’ve taken the key steps to ensuring your website stands out. Come take this class teaching Web 1.0 (and it’s NOT about any imagery/content that’s expensive to do)…then go back and compare your site against the class checklist.

When Wendy Meyeroff, president of WM Medical Communications, Inc., started in journalism, her work with graphic designers made her well aware what could make the ‘Net look good and read well. That’s why over 20 years ago she was one of the first called upon to develop custom content (and later add the design as well) with clients that have included the NIH, Sears, Janssen Pharmaceutica, CBS, and (an award winner) Erickson Retirement Communities.