Getting Client Feedback


February 23, 2023
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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"Getting feedback from your clients is the best way to find out whether your services are meeting their needs." —Ginny Ruths, instructor
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When you finish a project, do you follow up with your clients? If not, you’re overlooking a valuable source of information that can help you refine and improve your skills and provide strong, focused testimonials for your marketing. But if you’re not used to asking clients how they like your work, it can feel awkward and uncomfortable, or even a little intrusive. This webinar will help you get past that mental and emotional block by teaching you how to ask your clients for feedback: easily, consistently, and without embarrassment.

The one-hour session covers what client feedback is, distinguishing among different types of responses such as testimonials, general comments, specific suggestions, and evaluations. It explains why feedback can be such an important tool, especially for freelancers, and describes some tangible benefits you’ll get from asking clients for their thoughts. Included are specific strategies and techniques for getting positive, actionable feedback through a variety of methods.

Gathering responses from your clients on whether your services meet their needs will help you improve your marketing and become a more effective freelancer. Join this session to learn everything you need.

Ginny Ruths specializes in developmental and substantive line editing for both nonfiction and fiction manuscripts. As an editor, she believes that her work is about helping clients find, develop, and polish their authentic voice, not just making changes to their writing. She works primarily with independent authors who write in a wide range of genres, including memoir, business, suspense, science fiction, and children’s picture books. In her previous life, she worked in corporate communications for both nonprofit and commercial businesses, and she started Touchstone Publications to get back to her love for the English language. She currently serves as the Colorado Chapter coordinator for the Editorial Freelancers Association.

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