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Intermediate Line Editing for Fiction and Creative Nonfiction, October 12–November 9 (4 weeks) FA22


Where: Asynchronous, Online (Sakai)

October 12, 2022

25 seats available

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"Line editing isn't about correction. It's showing the writer the power of their own voice." —Christina M. Frey, instructor
Important Information About Our Online Courses

Our courses are asynchronous, meaning you never need to be at your computer at any specific hour. More information about how these classes are conducted is available here.

If developmental editing helps shape a story and copyediting polishes it, line editing makes the writing come alive. Line editors listen to the music behind each written word. They consider the rhythm and cadence of a sentence or paragraph and ask how it meshes with the mood and tone of a scene or story. They look out for an author’s stylistic weaknesses but never override an author’s style.

This four-week intermediate class goes beyond the basics of line editing, honing your editorial skills to bring out the best in your clients’ fiction and creative nonfiction writing. We’ll cover helping an author develop their authorial voice, addressing issues with mood, point of view, and dialogue at the line level, using line editing to improve a scene’s pacing, and challenging an intermediate or experienced writer to take their work to the next level.


Students must have completed Introduction to Line Editing Fiction and Creative Nonfiction; this is essential, as each class in the series builds on the last. For further questions, please contact the instructor (

Christina M. Frey is a developmental/line editor and literary coach with Page Two Editorial and a traditionally published graphic novelist. With over 20 years of experience in writing, editing, and publishing, she now works with select authors and small presses on full-length fiction and creative nonfiction. She specializes in helping both novice and experienced writers to develop and refine their authorial voices.

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