Is Becoming an Editorial Agency for You? (Free to EFA Members)


August 24, 2023
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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"Drowning in freelance projects? It might be time to hire some help." —Erin Brenner, instructor

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Are you:

  • Fully booked nearly all the time?
  • Unable to raise your rates any higher?
  • Tired of turning away work?
  • Feeling stuck where you are?

It might be time to hire other editors to help you out—and maybe even turn your individual business into a full-fledged editing agency.

Working as a freelance editor effectively means you’re selling your hours to your clients. But each of us only has so many hours to sell—and we still need to sleep! Once you sell all your available work hours at your top rate, you have to think differently to grow your income.

In this 90-minute webinar, you’ll learn all about editing agencies. What are they? What are the benefits and drawbacks of hiring other editors? What kind of systems do you need to expand? How can you make the transition? You’ll learn everything you need to decide whether starting an editing agency is the right move for you.

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Erin Brenner is the owner of editorial services firm Right Touch Editing, which specializes in providing small and midsized organizations with writing and editing teams that help clients reach their target readers. Erin has been training editors and other professionals since 2012. She is an Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute for Editing and Proofreading, a partner member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, and a Full Member of ACES.

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