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Making Accessible ebooks (Webinar Recording)


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Product Description

Accessible ebooks can reach multitudes more readers than print: the blind, those with color blindness, people with reading disabilities. International treaties, national laws, library purchasing programs, and government and university publishing are all involved in creating ebooks that are available to readers underserved by print editions. This webinar will address:

  • laws governing ebook accessibilty
  • editorial influence on book structure
  • the nitty-gritty of grammar and language choices (an italic word is not always italic!)
  • the editor’s role in art selection, captions, and descriptive text
  • how not to use color to signify meaning
  • how to build robust ebook navigation: there’s more than one table of contents

Attendees will come away realizing just how familiar most of the concepts are. There isn’t really much new. All you need is a shift in focus.

Kevin Callahan, the proprietor of BNGO Books, is an ebook developer, writer, and speaker based in New York City. He has presented sessions at PePcon, InDesign Conference, Digital Book World, and ebookcraft. He’ll be talking about using InDesign to get the most accessible EPUB possible at ebookcraft in March 2018, and at Digital Book World in October. You can find him at and @BNGObooks.

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