Romance for Editors: Working with Archetypes, Tropes, and Genre Conventions


December 1, 2022
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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"Learn the fundamentals of romance tropes and archetypes to help writers make them fresh and new." —Megan Hennessey, instructor
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Romance is full of character archetypes and story tropes that need to be wielded purposefully to build an engaging story. This 90-minute workshop will introduce you to common archetypes and tropes found in romance subgenres, from the bad-boy billionaire to the second chance at love. Learning these story fundamentals will give you new tools to use when it comes time to break out your red pen, while also helping you support authors in finding surprising, fun ways to introduce readers to their favorite tropes and archetypes. This webinar is suitable for both new and experienced romance editors, and it’s a great introduction to editing this genre if you’ve been curious about it!

A lifelong romance reader, Megan Hennessey got her start at Sourcebooks Casablanca at the height of 50 Shades of Grey‘s popularity. Since then, she has presented seminars on how to write steamy scenes for the Women in Publishing Conference. She also works one on one with indie authors in contemporary and historical romance as a freelance developmental editor.

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