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Setting (or Resetting) Your Freelance Rates—and Talking About Them with Clients (Webinar Recording, Free to EFA Members)


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"If every client who comes your way hires you, that's a bad sign. Running a sustainable business means charging what you're worth." —Molly McCowan, instructor
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Do you have more work than you need, but you still aren’t making enough money? Are you currently competing in a race to the bottom of the barrel instead of charging what you’re worth? What do you do when a client pushes you for your rates before you’ve gotten a chance to vet them or their project? This 90-minute workshop will give you actionable ways to find the freelance rates that are right for you and feel more comfortable talking about money. You’ll walk away with a solid idea of what you should be charging, a plan for what to say in many common client scenarios, and tips and tricks that will make raising your rates easier. Plus, learn what percentage of clients you want to tell you, “Sorry, that’s out of my price range.”

Note from the instructor: There is a typo on one slide in this webinar that shows a rate-calculation formula. “She now owes $7,315 in taxes. $55,000 – $16,296 = $47,685” should be “She now owes $7,315 in taxes. $55,000 – $7,315 = $47,685.” Thank you for understanding that typos happen!

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Molly McCowan is the founder of Inkbot Editing. A highly experienced developmental editor, certified business coach, and instructor, she empowers editorial entrepreneurs to build badass businesses. Learn how to find your ideal rates, escape the hustle, and (re)build a business that energizes you in Molly’s free, 9-lesson course for editors.

This webinar originally aired on August 20, 2020.

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