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Successful Subcontracting 101, August 5-September 1 (4 weeks online) SU19


Where: AsynchronousOnline (Sakai)

August 5, 2019

29 seats available

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Product Description


How can you expand your freelancing opportunities through subcontracting? Whether you’re looking for opportunities to subcontract or you want to hire subcontractors to help you with larger projects, this course lays out the basics for finding and managing these relationships.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How and where to find opportunities to subcontract
    • Types of subcontracting: agencies, businesses, web developers
    • Pitching yourself with a letter of introduction and portfolio
    • Attending events and talking to people!
  • The business of subcontracting (negotiations and contracts from both sides of the table)
    • Setting a subcontracting rate vs. a direct contract rate—understanding rate mark-up
    • Team approach vs. “silent partner”—understand your role
    • Contracts and payment schedules—always have them and adhere to them
  • Hiring subcontractors
    • Client-facing vs. behind-the-scenes
    • Where to find subcontractors
    • Giving good direction and setting clear expectations
  • Managing project delivery and wrapping up a contract, whether as a subcontractor or someone hiring subcontractors


After freelancing for more than a decade, Jocelyn Kerr founded to help other writers and editors manage the business of writing. She is a former managing editor and editor-in-chief for publications as well as a longtime copywriter. She has been on both sides of the subcontracting table, and it has been a key element of growing her business.

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