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The Fine Print: Creating an Editing Contract (Webinar Recording)


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"You work too hard to lose out. Learn how to make a contract to safeguard your work." —Karin Cather, instructor
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This course will teach you how to write a contract in order to manage expectations between you and your individual clients. This reduces the potential for conflict on both sides. A contract:

  • Helps you avoid scope creep
  • Makes it easier for you to collect payment
  • Reduces the likelihood that a business transaction you are a part of will result in a demand for a refund—or a lawsuit
  • Protects you in case someone demands money from you or sues you
  • Reiterates to a client that you are a professional

Topics will include:

  • The elements of a contract
  • Drafting points
  • Clauses to include and avoid
  • How to modify contracts (and how not to)
  • When to call a lawyer

Karin Cather has been a freelance editor and owner of Karin Cather Editorial Services LLC since October 2014. She edits academic works, law, memoirs, thrillers, police procedurals, and literary fiction. Karin is licensed to practice law in Virginia and Arizona, but she left the practice of law because life in the courtroom was keeping her from meeting the needs of her special needs child.

Nothing Karin says here constitutes legal advice, and she does not have an attorney-client relationship with registrants.

This webinar originally aired on June 8, 2018.

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