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The Hire-Me Packet: How to Create Visually Engaging Sales Slides That Grow Your Business


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"When potential clients open a Hire-Me Packet, it feels more like receiving an elaborate wedding invitation than a sales pitch. And that's what makes it so effective!" —Heidi Fiedler, instructor
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Wondering how to introduce yourself or close the deal with potential clients? Show them what you know! In this self-paced course, you’ll learn how to create visually engaging sales slides and customize a Hire-Me Packet that will wow potential clients, whether you’re cold-calling publishers or following up with an indie author. You’ll leave this course with confidence and clarity around marketing your services.

Here’s a glimpse into some of what you’ll learn as you move through the modules at your own pace (you’ll have one year to access the content!):

  • Why personal branding is important
  • How to audit your current branding and identify elements you can use in your Hire-Me Packet
  • What to include in your sales slides
  • How to help clients visualize your process
  • Where to find modern, engaging stock images
  • How to use your sales slides in meetings and mailings
  • Bonus content: downloadable checklists and worksheets to help you as you build your own Hire-Me Packet!

Register for this course now to find out how you can let your personality and experience shine so you can expand your network and do more of the work you do best!


This course is open to students at all levels.

Writer and editor Heidi Fiedler has worked on more than 300 books for clients ranging from Target to Barnes & Noble. She does the deep thinking that’s needed to turn an idea into a book that has the power to spark our curiosity and make us all feel a little less alone. The books she creates are quirky, playful, highly visual, and often philosophical. After working in publishing for over ten years, she’s excited to see her own picture books and chapter books making their way into the world. Learn more about Heidi and the work she does at her website.

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