Editing With Inclusive Language (WEBINAR)


Where: GotoWebinar

February 16, 2017
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Registration is closed for this class


Editors are an author’s first line of defense against political gaffes, insensitive language, and inadvertently exclusive language. How can we help our clients reach a broader audience and avoid losing readers or making embarrassing and offensive errors? Using examples ranging from transgender pronouns to the Israel-Palestine conflict, Sarah Grey will help attendees gain a better sense of what to look for, how to educate themselves about the vocabulary of sensitive topics, and how to communicate with authors about these questions in tactful and constructive ways.

Sarah Grey is the owner of Grey Editing at Sarah edits and coaches ESL students, novelists, professors, judges, activists, rabbis, filmmakers, CEOs, union workers, and diplomats. Sarah is also a writer who often works in the humanities and social sciences.