New Author Guidelines

  • Unpublished and new authors in need of editorial help are welcome to post their jobs on the EFA Job List.
  • The usual rate for editorial work starts at $35 an hour and goes up from there; an experienced editor can usually do five to ten pages in an hour depending on the level of editing involved.
  • Very few editors or writers are interested in payment based solely on projected royalties.
  • We will not post a job on the EFA Job List if payment is below the usual rates.
  • Some EFA members are willing to work at reduced rates with new authors who contact them directly. To find them, please search our free online directory.
  • Freelance editors do not generally act as agents or advise on how to get your work published. For more information on how the publishing process works, how to prepare a book proposal, and how to find an agent or editorial help, check your local library for any of the standard references, such as Writer’s Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agents by Jeff Herman (Prima Publishing).
  • For information on the children’s book market, check the Purple Crayon website at
  • Many would-be authors find that joining a local writers’ group is helpful.