On April 25, EFA-LA hosted another great chapter meeting in West-LA, at Marie Callender’s. Attendance rocked (as did the pies and muffins) when a lively group of existing members and excited newcomers networked, asked questions, and openly shared business tips and editing experiences.

We learned that members are interested in knowing more about:

  • Working successfully with “high-maintenance” clients.
  • Good continuing education resources for editors (EFA online classes!)
  • Improving posture when editing. Exercises to keep our backs in shape.

Marketing our business as freelancers is also a constant interest and strategies seem to vary from editor to editor.

Newcomers got to meet some very experienced (and successful!) members, and discover how others started off, how they work and where they are now. The conversation was not only inspiring and fun, but strengthened our editing community bonds.

Chapter Coordinators Janet Long, Maria Alonzo, Linda Ruggeri and volunteer Helga Schier will be reserving new meeting spaces in established publishing houses, universities with writing programs and bookstores, so our members can see and learn more about how each of these organizations works with editors and how we can be part of the picture. In addition, they are also building relationships with future speakers for our upcoming meetings.

Linda Ruggeri
Los Angeles chapter co-coordinator