I set up the EFA booth on May 21, 2022, one of the year’s hottest days. I received the box of EFA “stuff,” took it to the designated site, and set up our table. Thanks to the EFA staff for sending us such a well-packed box of everything we needed: a tablecloth with the EFA logo, brochures, bookmarks, tote bags, eyeglass wipes, and even candy, along with display holders for everything. Setting up was easy.

One of the best parts of the morning was meeting Amy Grier, who worked alongside me, explaining EFA’s work and why membership would benefit writers and editors. We got people to sign up for membership information from EFA. I hope these potential EFA members become new members. For other visitors, we explained how EFA could help them with their writing projects and offered them general EFA contact information and our cards so they could contact us if they desired.

For the two hours we were there, we had a steady stream of visitors. We were promptly relieved by two other EFA members who took over the booth. Afterward, Amy and I toured the rest of the exhibits, grabbed some lunch, and spent an enjoyable morning.

Alice Heiserman
EFA Member and Events Volunteer