We are looking forward to seeing all of our fellow editors after a nice summer break! And along with the start of a new year comes a familiar, but new to this role, face.

Please welcome Patty Boyd as our new co-coordinator, who is taking over for Margaret Puskar-Pasewicz. Margaret played a very large part in starting up the Pittsburgh chapter and has made the chapter what it is today. Thank you, Margaret!

We will have our first meeting, a planning meeting, on Wednesday, August 28, from 10 to 11:30, at the Blvd. of Allies Panera in Oakland. We hope to see you there, and bring your ideas for the new year. If you can’t make it but have some ideas for events, etc.—or better yet, know someone who would like to present on a topic, or you would like to present—please contact us at chap_pittsburghpa@the-efa.org.

Susan Kauffman
Pittsburgh chapter co-coordinator