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Board of Governors

"Active membership is the key to EFA. The board does not dictate, involved members do. We have, for example, flourishing chapters around the country — not because the board decreed it, but because motivated members did. The EFA board is composed primarily of members outside New York City. Bottom line? We are only as effective as the membership we represent."

The EFA Board of Governors accepts nominations for the following positions:

Position Descriptions

The officers include the two co-executives, the secretary, and the treasurer. The co-executives manage the day-to-day business of running EFA. They also preside over board meetings and represent EFA in most business dealings. The secretary keeps the minutes of board and annual meetings and handles business correspondence for EFA. The treasurer works with the board to develop the annual budget, keeps track of what is spent, and reports monthly to the board on EFA's financial picture.

Members at large (MALs) represent the entire membership. They serve on committees, assist with ad hoc committees and special projects, and participate in all other aspects of board business. The EFA bylaws require at least three members at large but allow the board to create additional positions; the board has currently agreed to have up to seven MAL positions.

Committee chairs, who may be MALs but can also be appointed, handle the day-to-day business of the various activities sponsored by EFA. These may include programs, publications, the newsletter, the website, publicity, chapter development, membership, and education. Committee chairs work with the officers and with the rest of EFA's membership to ensure the highest level of services.

About the EFA Board of Governors

EFA is an all-volunteer organization; no board member receives any payment for serving. Board meetings are held at the New York City office at 6:15 p.m. on the first Wednesday of most months and are generally no longer than two hours. Residence in and around New York City is NOT a requirement for election to the board. Nonresidents attend by conference call. The board maintains an email discussion list for easier communication among board members.

Joining the EFA board is a commitment of time and energy, but it is not an onerous one. Most board members find they spend only a few hours a month on EFA business in addition to board meetings.

About the Nominations

To be a candidate for an officer position, you must be an EFA member in good standing for at least one year at the time of the election (the third Wednesday in June). To be candidate for MAL, you must simply be a member in good standing at the time of the election.

If you would like to be a candidate for any of the positions above, please send your name and a 100- to 150-word biographical statement (which should include any objectives you might have in serving on the board) to the EFA secretary, at secretary AT the-efa.org.


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