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For more than 50 years, the Editorial Freelancers Association has served as a trusted resource for freelancers and clients alike. Our programs, benefits, and networks of mutual support help members gain professional knowledge, broaden their skills, develop successful businesses, and perfect the art of freelancing. Clients of all stripes know that the EFA is the best place to find the talent they need for their projects. The EFA brings members and clients together via our Job List and Member Directory.

  • The EFA Job List is located in the member area of our website, and we send out email alerts whenever a new job is posted. We recently surpassed 10,000 jobs shared with members. In addition, 94% of clients who posted on the list reported hiring an EFA member for the job.
  • Our Member Directory is another way the EFA helps clients find the right freelancer for the job. As a member, you are able to customize your profile, highlighting your particular skills, experience, and areas of expertise. This enables potential clients to search for members who fit their project needs and contact them directly.

These are just two ways the EFA helps our members find jobs that are the perfect match!

We also assist our members in honing their skills and learning new ones, provide an online discussion forum, and offer access to a wide variety of editing and writing tools and other useful services.

  • EFA members receive 20% off the regular fee for all courses in our acclaimed Education Program and get access to some webinars for free.
  • The EFA Discussion List enables editorial professionals around the world to exchange ideas, ask and answer questions, and seek and offer advice.
  • Through our affiliate partnerships, members receive discounts on long-term care and disability insurance, health care plans, the Chicago Manual of Style Online, Editor’s ToolKit Plus, PerfectIt, Draftsmith, and much more.

Visit some of these pages to learn more about these and other valuable benefits of joining the EFA—and what EFA members themselves have to say about why they value their membership.

Whether you have been freelancing for many years or have recently hung out your shingle, the EFA will support you and help your business thrive.

We would love to welcome you to our community!

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Connect with Other Editorial Freelancers

The EFA hosts a virtual annual meeting in June and a virtual winter social in January. Regional chapters hold their own meetings both virtually and in person.  Meetings are open to members, and most are open to guests of members and freelancers interested in joining the EFA also.

To help freelancers enhance their skills, the EFA offers a variety of courses and webinars. Meet and learn with other freelancers online.

The EFA is on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Our members-only Discussion List on Groups.io provides opportunities to network and talk shop with other members from across the U.S. and around the world.

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EFA membership is open to individual freelancers for mutual support and advancement. To help keep dues low for all, we don’t have group, joint, or company-level memberships (even if your company is just you).

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Office Closed Monday April 8.

The EFA Offices will be closed Monday, April 8, 2024. We will reopen on Tuesday, April 9. Job postings, discussion list subscriptions, and other customer service requests may not be responded to until then.

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