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The EFA’s goal has always been to raise the professional status of its members and to make freelancing more dynamic and rewarding. Since 1971, the EFA has steadily expanded member programs and services designed to polish and develop professional skills and boost income.

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The EFA hosts an annual meeting in June and a holiday party in December or January at its headquarters in New York City. Popular Scrabble nights are also held there. Regional chapters  hold their own meetings at locations across the nation. Meetings are open to members, and most are open to guests of members and freelancers interested in joining the EFA also.

To help freelancers enhance their skills, the EFA offers a variety of courses and webinars. Meet and learn with other freelancers online.

The EFA is on Facebook, and our Twitter Freelance Fridays  provide an opportunity to connect with others while discussing a topic of the month.

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