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The EFA Member Directory and Job List put you in touch with more than 3,000 editorial professionals with a broad array of skills and training—the people you need for self-publishing projects; fiction and nonfiction trade books; website copy; magazine articles; advertising, public relations, and training and education materials; corporate communications; and more. Through the EFA you will find writers, editors, copyeditors, proofreaders, indexers, researchers, translators, and other editorial specialists. There is no charge to use the Directory or the Job List.

The best place to start is our Member Directory, where you can identify freelancers with the right combination of experience, knowledge, and skills for your project and find out how to contact them directly.

Posting on the Job List is another option. To learn more about the Job List, see below and watch the Job List Video.

If you are an EFA member looking for work, see Get Work in the Member Area.

Job List

Submit your ad and have freelancers contact you directly. Jobs are usually posted within 24 hours; responses come very quickly. We have many repeat clients—proof of how swiftly and effectively the EFA Job List targets our membership. There is no charge for this service.

We will post jobs from every area of the publishing and communications industries, including staff jobs, jobs from placement agencies, and jobs from unpublished and new authors. We do not post low-paying or nonpaying jobs, jobs that pay by royalty or on spec, or internships of any sort.

The EFA reserves the right to reject or remove any job posting for any reason.

For general information about rates, descriptions of services, testing guidelines, and guidelines for self-publishing authors, see Hiring Basics.

Hiring Basics

"Your group is the best source in the industry for finding editorial talent and a blessing for editors like me who are in need of solid freelance support."

—an editor at a New York publishing company

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Member Directory

Search the EFA Member Directory by editorial skill, style guide, subject specialty, genre, material, language, hardware and software capability, age or grade level of your project, location, name, keyword, or any combination of these. You’ll identify freelancers of interest and contact them directly through the information they provide. Members post their own descriptions of their services and expertise.

Clients from every area of the publishing and communications industries, placement agencies, and unpublished and new authors can utilize the Directory. There is no charge for this service.

For general information about rates, descriptions of services, testing guidelines, and guidelines for self-publishing authors, see Hiring Basics.

Hiring Basics

"Absolutely wonderful! I'm impressed with the level of expertise of your members."

—a novelist

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Client Testimonials

I received numerous very well-qualified responses. Amazing! Thank you for a wonderful service.—an author of business books

We have had an excellent response to our notice.— a financial services PR firm

I wanted to thank you for the excellent response from my posting.—an online newsletter editor

Thank you so much, the candidates were all very well qualified and responded immediately.—a book packager

This was a wonderful and painless way to find someone. I’m very grateful for your help.—a pharmaceutical PR firm

The Job List is wonderful—I got great responses, and I got them so quickly!—an educational publisher

We are astounded at how many qualified writers are interested in this project.—a business publisher

I’m thankful for the wonderful talent you have brought our way.—a trade book publisher

Hiring Basics

The EFA neither sets rates nor advises members on what rates or rate structures they should choose. Individual members’ rates vary considerably depending on the nature of the work, the time frame of the assignment, the degree of special expertise required, the member’s experience, and other factors.

2020 Rates Survey Results

The EFA’s 3,000+ members work primarily—but not only—in the publishing and communications industries. To find out more about what EFA members do, see our descriptions of editorial services here.

Types of Editorial Services

If you would like a freelancer to take an editing test, please see our testing guidelines here.

Testing and Sample Edit Guidelines

New authors are welcome to use the Member Directory and to submit posts for the Job List. Please review our Guide for New Authors for guidance on best practices.

Hiring an Editor: A Guide for New Authors

All job listings are subject to our Anti-Harassment Policy.

Anti-Harassment Policy