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80 Common Layout Errors to Flag When Proofreading Book Interiors

By Lynette M. Smith

ISBN: 978-1880407-71-4

This book provides guidance on the types of layout errors commonly encountered in the interior layout of a book before it is published and gives some idea as to techniques the layout professional may employ to remedy the errors.

$14.99 Paperback, 58 pages Buy now
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A Freelance Editor’s Guide to Book Production

By Rachel Hockett

ISBN: 978-1-880407-27-1

Veteran book producer Rachel Hockett details the process of taking a book from raw manuscript to printer-ready files in this updated and revised edition of the popular EFA guide. Topics include creating the schedule, estimating the costs, hiring the freelancers and suppliers, preparing the text, creating the front matter and index, reviewing the proofs, invoicing, and working with the author and publisher.

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A Guide for the Freelance Indexer

By April Michelle Davis

ISBN: 978-1-880407-21-9

A Guide for the Freelance Indexer has been many years in the making when you take into account that April Michelle Davis, prior to teaching the “Introduction to Indexing” course through the Editorial Freelancers Association, earned a master’s of professional studies degree in publishing from George Washington University as well as certificates in editing, book publishing, and professional editing. She also completed the “Basic Indexing” course at the USDA Graduate School and “Indexing: Theory and Application” at the University of California, Berkeley. A member of the American Society for Indexing, she is chair-elect for the Mid-South Atlantic chapter of ASI. This is an important book for anyone embarking on an indexing career, or considering such a move.

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A Proofreading Companion: Tips, Tools, & Strategies for Polished Writing * New for Fall 2017

By Jennifer Karchmer

ISBN: Electronic format

While proofreading is a critical step in the editing process, it unfortunately gets short shrift. Sometimes it is skipped entirely, resulting in unprofessional work, which can affect sales and credibility. In this book, Jennifer Karchmer, owner of Over The Shoulder Editorial, imparts personal stories, anecdotes, examples, and practical advice to show how important proofreading is to any written product. This book serves as a companion piece for freelance proofreaders and editors alike who want to work more efficiently and effectively. Writers of all genres also will appreciate the self-editing tools presented here.

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An Author’s Guide to Saving Money on Editing *New for Fall 2017 *

By Janell Robisch

ISBN: Electronic format

From Section 1, “The Value of Patience”: “Congratulations, you’ve written a book! Now, according to conventional wisdom, whether you are planning to self-publish your book or submit it for publication through a traditional publisher, you need to have your book edited. The editing process, a series of several steps that includes structural editing, copyediting, and proofreading, will transform your book from a rough draft into a polished work that you can send off into the world and be proud of.”

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An Editorial Freelancer’s Guide to Business Entities * New for Fall 2017 *

By Alex Bennett, Esq.

ISBN: Electronic format

Adapted from the author’s introduction: “Like every other small business owner, freelance writers and editors need to think about the legal structure of their businesses. Choosing the right business form can have tax advantages and protect personal assets from litigators. This guide is a concise introduction to legal entities and several related ideas, directed at a typical freelance business with only one owner-employee and no outlandish financing requirements. Its goal is to give freelancers a sound foundation for making better business structuring decisions.”

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Are You Worth the Wait? * New for Fall 2017 *

By Susan Hughes

ISBN: Electronic format

From the author’s introduction: “When I launched my freelance editing business a few years ago, I had no plan, no clear idea about what I was doing. I never realized that a new career was in the works. If I’d known that, I might have run in the opposite direction, having recently retired from a twenty-nine-year teaching career. I had no clue that I would eventually be busy enough to have to schedule my clients in advance. Even further from my mind was the idea that writers would be willing to wait for my services—sometimes as long as six months! This booklet will outline the steps I took in my journey to become a wait-worthy freelance editor. I must warn you that it’s not a quick process. It takes time to reach the point where clients will pay to reserve editing time with you months before you’re available to provide the services they’re looking for. What follows worked for me, and it can work for you as well.”

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Author and Editor Together: Building the Best Manuscript

By Jon Harrison

ISBN: 978-1880407-75-2

From the author’s introduction: “This booklet is about the author-editor partnership and the role it plays in creating the best possible manuscript. It focuses on the partnership between the freelance editor and his or her author-client.”

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$5.99 ePub Buy now

Building a Freelance Client Base

By Grace Murphy

ISBN: 978-1-329-58749-6

From the author’s introduction: “Developing a dependable client base is not magical or mysterious. It requires some skill, effort, and consistency, but you don’t have to be a marketing guru or spend your entire day working to get more work. This book shows how you can develop a good client base over time and in these incremental stages: Creation, Maintenance, and Expansion.”

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Building Successful Freelancer-Client Relationships

By Erin Wilcox

ISBN: 978-1880407-74-5

From the author’s introduction: “Today’s publishing landscape offers more opportunities than ever for freelancers and clients to work together. Major publishers, university presses, and small presses regularly hire freelancers to support every aspect of the publishing process. Many writers seek editorial services to develop their projects prior to submitting to an agent. Self-publishing authors avail themselves of expertise-for-hire at various points in the creative process, from research and fact-checking to project management, editing, proofreading, indexing, and book design. Freelancers might be called in on a short-term basis, or we might be engaged for longer-term projects. Whatever the scenario, a good-faith relationship between freelancer and client enhances both the editorial process and finished product. But how do we build that trust?”

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Choosing an Editor: What You Need to Know

By April M. Davis

ISBN: 978-1880407-72-1

From the author’s introduction: “Good editing should be invisible. Editing helps authors convey what they intend to and helps authors look more credible by eliminating errors that would produce doubts in the minds of the readers. Although editors and authors work together toward the same goal—a perfect manuscript—the relationship between them is sometimes adversarial. Writers are working for themselves and will create what they consider to be perfect manuscripts. Editors are working for publishers and readers—even if paid by the author—to produce error-free manuscripts that are clear in terms of grammar, spelling, and flow.”

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Copyright and Permissions: What Every Writer and Editor Should Know

By Elsa Peterson

ISBN: 978-1-880407-23-3

Elsa Peterson has more than twenty years of experience as a freelance permissions editor in addition to having been copyright administrator for European American Music Distributors Corporation. She wrote this book with the aim of covering the essentials of copyright as they relate to writers and editors. It is especially intended for those who work on a freelance basis because they can’t rely on a corporate legal department to keep them out of trouble when it comes to copyright. It is also hoped that this book will inform those who are interested in working as freelance permissions editors and those who may be in a position to hire permissions editors. In addition to working with intellectual property, Elsa is also a freelance picture researcher and developmental editor. She holds a BA with highest honors in music from the University of California at Riverside and an MA in music history from Case Western Reserve University.

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$8.99 ePub Buy now

Creating Fiction: A Concise Guide for Writers and Editors * New for Fall 2017 *

By Eric Reeder

ISBN: Electronic format

Adapted from the author’s introduction: “Writing believable and engaging fiction is a challenging task, as is editing fiction, but it can also be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. The purpose of this work, Creating Fiction: A Concise Guide for Writers and Editors, is to provide a concise but detailed overview of the process of creating fiction, both for writers and for editors. The different sections of this booklet are relevant to all types and genres of fictional works, from short stories to novels and from science fiction to romance. Creating fiction should be an enjoyable and exciting process. This booklet is designed to help both beginning and experienced writers of fiction focus on the various elements of fiction and on practical tips, methods, and strategies for writing and editing fiction. In the back of this booklet is a comprehensive bibliography of sources that I used, in addition to my own experience, in writing this; any and all of the sources would be useful to consult during the process of creating fiction.”

$8.99 ePub Buy now

Freelancing 101: Launching Your Editorial Business

By Ruth E. Thaler-Carter

ISBN: 978-1-880407-29-5

Ruth E. Thaler-Carter is a seasoned and successful freelance editor who takes readers through the steps necessary to establishing a successful freelance editing career. Ms. Thaler-Carter has worked for many years both writing and editing in many areas, and she is often the editorial expert people turn to in online blogs and discussions. Her advice has always been greatly valued.

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Freelancing 101: What You Need to Know to Run a Successful Business

By Michelle Dalton

ISBN: 978-1-329-59374-9

From the author’s introduction: “If you’re like many people who work for someone else, thoughts of becoming your own boss often float through your mind. Visions of going to the gym during the day, or taking a two-hour lunch, or doing laundry at 10:00 a.m. are prevalent . . . but then reality sets in. There are mortgages and car loans to pay, college tuitions to save for, retirement earnings to amass . . . and so the thoughts of becoming a full-time freelance editor or writer fall by the wayside.”

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Freelancing as a Business: 7 Steps to Take Before Launch Day

By Katherine Pickett

ISBN: 978-1-329-59196-7

From the author’s introduction: “A large number of people working in and around publishing earn their living as freelance or contract workers. They choose their projects, set their own schedules, and reap the benefits of their hard work. It sounds like a no-brainer — who wouldn’t want that job? — but to be successful you need a solid foundation upon which to build your business. Do you have the foundation you need to become an editorial freelancer?”

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Grammatical Gleanings

By Patricia M. Godfrey

ISBN: 978-1-880407-26-4

Grammar maven Patricia M. Godfrey offers guidance to “working professional copy editors and any others who share their love of the English language and who delight to explore its byways” in fifteen essays that originally appeared in “The Wizard of Rs,” a regular column in the Editorial Freelancers Association newsletter. Discussing issues of grammar and syntax, idiom and semantics, and punctuation and typography, “this brief collection will clarify a few obscure points, warn of imminent linguistic peril, or simply add to the knowledge and relish with which its readers regard the language.”

$9.25 Perfect bound, 60 pages Buy now
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$4.99 ePub Buy now

How to Prepare Your Manuscript in Word

By Iris Bass

ISBN: 978-1-329-58748-9

From the author’s introduction: “Your book manuscript will pass through multiple hands before it is published. If it is being sent to an agent or publishers, it needs to be keyboarded as simply as possible, so as not to distract potential buyers from its content. Neatness counts, too, if the manuscript is being delivered as contracted or you are self-publishing via a book packager. How well prepared your manuscript is as a document will affect how smoothly it passes into print . . . or perhaps even e-print.”

$7.99 ePub Buy now

Is Self-Publishing Right for You? * New for Fall 2017 *

By Emily Buehler

ISBN: Electronic format

Adapted from the author’s introduction: “The Internet has made self-publishing a viable option for authors, enabling them to sell books across the world. And there are many services now available to help self-publishing authors. However, these services are not always necessary. ‘DIY’ self-publishing is a lot of work, but it can be a rewarding endeavor. This booklet provides an overview of the entire process. If you decide that self-publishing is right for your manuscript, you’ll know what you face, and you can consider which parts of the process, if any, you’d like to outsource. Throughout this booklet, I’ll point out places where you might consider using a service or hiring an expert to perform a task. Even if you’d like to leave most of the steps in the process to the experts, it might be better to hire specialists—for example, a copy editor, a book designer, a distributor, a publicist—rather than hiring one company to do it all.”

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It’s All About the Niche

By Cheryl Smith

ISBN: 978-1-329-58744-1

From the author’s introduction: “Choosing a life as a freelance editor/writer brings up many questions, and how you answer them can have a major impact on your success as a freelancer. One of the more interesting is the subject of this booklet — will declaring a specialty for yourself likely increase or decrease your freelancing opportunities?”

$5.99 ePub Buy now

Language Bias: An Editor’s Guide to Biased Language

By Emily Mahan and Sandra Distelhorst

ISBN: 978-1880407-70-7

From the author’s introduction: “Language bias is language that reflects or perpetuates ‘demeaning attitudes and biased assumptions about people.’ There are both practical and ethical reasons for avoiding biased language. The use of biased language has a rhetorical effect: it may alienate or offend readers, and decrease your credibility with them.”

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$5.99 ePub Buy now

Making Word 2010 Work for You

By Hilary Powers

ISBN: 13-978-1-880407-35-6

Since the success of Hilary Powers’ Making Word Work for You, people have been asking when Powers would come out with another Word book, particularly with the advent of the new Word programs using ribbons. This is the book everyone has been waiting for: it tames Microsoft Word. Anyone who is an editor or writer and works onscreen must have this book. Not only does Powers cover such topics as how to work with Track Changes, macros, and other features that ensure your document has been created and edited well, but it also broadens your resources with links to further aids. Hilary Powers has been freelancing since 1994, when she settled on editing as the skill most likely to allow her to emulate Nero Wolfe and avoid leaving home on business.

$20.00 Paperback, 140 pages Buy now
$12.99 ePub Buy now

Making Word Work for You

By Hilary Powers

ISBN: 978-1-880407-22-6

Successful freelance editor Hilary Powers explains how to get the most out of Microsoft Word when editing manuscripts on screen. Among the subjects she covers are personalizing the program and the screen to meet your needs and taste, deploying Word’s custom features, domesticating Track Changes, creating and using macros and templates, coping with the snares and pitfalls Word users often encounter, and finding useful resources and program add-ins. With this guidance, editors can increase their page-per-hour throughput—and their income.

$15.25 Coil-bound, 80 pages Buy now
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Post, Share, and Tweet Your Way to the Top

By Susan Hughes

ISBN: 978-1-329-59376-3

From the author’s introduction: “Regardless of the type of editing you do, you have to go where your potential clients are—online. They’re out there, waiting. Through social media marketing you’ll maximize exposure and get your name out there, generate leads, improve your search engine ranking, and rise to the top of the freelance editing heap. With this book you will learn to find potential clients, interact with them, and grow your freelance editing business by harnessing the power of social media marketing.”

$5.99 ePub Buy now

Résumés for Freelancers

By Sheila Buff

ISBN: 978-1-880407-25-7

The highly versatile Sheila Buff, who is chair of the EFA JobList and leads an Affinity Group for new freelancers, illustrates how to transform a traditional résumé into a marketing tool that will reel in freelance jobs. Using actual résumés as examples, she demonstrates how to highlight skills and create an implement that leaves no doubt to a prospective client you’re a talented professional committed to self-employment. Aside from discussing some alternatives to using the traditional résumé, Ms. Buff also brings up what other types of documents could be used as accompaniments or alternatives to résumés.

$8.25 Saddle-stitched, 24 pages Buy now
$4.25 PDF download Buy now

Rev Up Your Referrals: Generating More Word of Mouth Business * New for Fall 2017 *

By Jake Poinier

ISBN: Electronic format

Adapted from the author’s introduction: “Word-of-mouth business serves as a freelancer’s virtual sales force. Getting more referrals, however, isn’t a passive enterprise. You need to cultivate the appropriate mindset and create the right strategy. That active investment in your business will pay off over the long haul—and the more you do it, the better it gets, much like compound interest at your friendly local financial institution.That’s why you’re reading this: to take action. And since you’re making that commitment, . . . I’m giving you my personal guarantee right now that this stuff works, as long as you put in the effort.”

$8.99 ePub Buy now

Should Freelance Editors Charge by the Hour or by the Project?

By Jon Harrison

ISBN: 978-1-329-59195-0

From the author’s introduction: “A vexing question for many freelance editors is how to charge for one’s services—by the hour, or by the project. This booklet discusses the pros and cons of both methods for charging clients to help you determine which method will work best for you.”

$5.99 ePub Buy now

Social Media: The New Revolution in Communication

By Barbara Magalnick

ISBN: 978-1-880407-98-1

As a freelance editor for over twenty-five years, Barbara Magalnick realizes how important social media is for the freelancer. This introduction to social media offers freelancers, particularly those in the publishing world, all the information they need to get involved in the social media revolution. There is a rundown on the social media scene, how it works, and, most of all, how to get into it and use it successfully to advance a freelance editorial career. Ms. Magalnick also discusses how you can protect yourself online and avoid the typical problems associated with privacy, spammers, scammers, and discussion groups. Full chapters are devoted to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

$13.75 Paperback, 86 pages Buy now
$9.75 PDF download Buy now

Textbook Development as an Art and a Science

By Carolyn D. Smith with Jeannine Ciliotta

ISBN: 978-1-880407-24-0

Seasoned textbook development editor Carolyn D. Smith and freelance writer Jeannine Ciliotta explain the steps that go into developing a textbook, from initial concept to final manuscript, in this classic EFA publication.

$8.25 Paperback, 28 pages Buy now
$4.25 PDF download Buy now

The Art of Editing for the Corporate Market

By Mary Johnson

ISBN: 978-1-880407-30-1

For those who may have thought of entering the world of corporate editing, this is the book that can help you make that transition. Mary Johnson, who has been editing for the corporate market for nearly three decades, takes you beyond the everyday rules of grammar and punctuation to provide insight into the unique editing requirements of business publications. She honed her skills editing for the corporate world at a major high tech firm. This book is a winner!

$8.75 Paperback, 42 pages Buy now
$4.75 PDF download Buy now

The Editor as Self-Publishing Consultant * New for Fall 2017 *

By Linda Nathan

ISBN: Electronic format

From the booklet: “This book will help you make the most of the author-editor relationship to relate to self-publishing authors and to provide useful tools for their (and your) success. It examines the immense self-publishing industry and how editors can find their niche and offers help in appraising and meeting clients’ needs and in being a liaison with agents and publishers. It discusses potential pitfalls, relates a few success and horror stories, and provides marketing tips, online resources, and a chart of Pros and Cons of Traditional v. Self-Publishing.”

$8.99 ePub Buy now

Three Types of Editors: Developmental Editors, Copyeditors, and Substantive Editors

By Eric Reeder

ISBN: 978-1880407-82-0

From the author’s introduction: “There are many types of editors. With all the different kinds of editing that exist and all the various words to classify varieties of editing and editors, it can be difficult to know exactly what certain terms mean. It is definitely challenging for authors in need of editing services to determine what differing sorts of editors do or what varied categories of editing entail.”

$14.99 Paperback, 46 pages Buy now
$5.99 ePub Buy now

What’s Your Style: Customize a Style Guide in Six Easy Steps * New for Fall 2017 *

By Robin Martin

ISBN: Electronic format

From the author’s introduction: “Maintaining consistent style throughout the course of a project is a crucial element of any editorial work, whether you are copyediting the main body of a manuscript, front and back material, charts and tables, or design elements. Sometimes it is necessary to finesse the rules. It has been said, ‘Punctuation is there to serve the writing, not the other way around.’ And though style is much more than punctuation, this idea, the premise that style should serve substance, is why I have written this booklet. I have found a handful of core best practices that carry over from one project to the next which makes customization of style guides quite simple. I hope you find the six-step approach presented here easy and useful.”

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