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Board of Governors

The EFA is managed by its Board of Governors, whose members are chosen from among the membership either through election or appointment. Annual elections are held in May and June, and the candidates’ statements for an upcoming election are published on the website.

The Board consists of the four officers, members at large, and committee representatives. The officers are: two co-executives, a secretary, and a treasurer. Members at large are elected from among the general membership. Their function is to represent the interests of a broad base of members, to assist other governors and committees with EFA business, and to promote the EFA to members and potential members and to the publishing industry. There will be no fewer than three member at large slots on the board at any time. Committee representatives serve by appointment and are added or removed according to the needs of the organization.


Katy Grenfell



Cody Sisco

Co-executive and Website


Marcina Zaccaria


Ronane Lloyd



David Stacks



Pia Kohler

Chapter Development


Jean Gazis

Discussion List Chair

Andrea Reid

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Transformation (EDIT)

Pam Eidson

Social Media

Kristen Tate



Cyndi Sandusky



Sheryl Holmberg

Public Relations and Freelancer Editor


Robin Martin


Stephanie Argy

Member at Large

Dominique Chatterjee

Member at Large

September Herrin

Member at Large

Lorraine Martindale

Member at Large

Dayna Reidenouer

Member at Large


The EFA has regional chapters all across the country. Internationally, in fact. New ones form as the interest arises.

Meetings and any other activities are listed on individual chapter pages. Contact the chapter organizer in your area for more information on participating. You must be a member to join or create an EFA chapter.

If you have questions about forming an EFA chapter, please email the chapter development chairperson, Pia Kohler, at

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