Frequently Asked Questions

Joining EFA FAQs:

Who is in the EFA?
Where do EFA members live and work?
How can the EFA help me become a better editor or writer?
Can someone with no professional editorial background join the EFA?
Should I belong to more than one editorial organization?
Does the EFA advocate for its members?
Does the EFA offer a health insurance plan?
What is the cost of membership?
Can I cancel my membership?
Does membership run for the calendar year, or does it roll from the date one first joins?
Can I buy a team membership for my small company's employees?
What can I do as an EFA guest?
I am a guest. How do I upgrade to membership?

Site Navigation FAQs:

Where can I find details about the EFA's healthcare discount plans?
Where can I find recommendations or information on editing and writing rates?
How can I contact a human, voice to voice?

Member FAQs:

How do I update my Member Directory entry?
How can I change my street or email address in the EFA records?
How do I join, leave, or use the Discussion List?
How can I change my email address for the Job List?
I am not getting the Job List emails. What should I do?
How do I get a copy of the new EFA logo to use on my website?
How do I renew my membership?
Where can I find my membership expiration date?
I used to be an EFA member and would like to rejoin. Where do I start?

Technical Troubleshooting FAQs:

I am not receiving EFA emails. What should I do?
Help! I've forgotten my password.
I'm a guest. Why can't I show up in the directory or see the job listings?