A Regional Chapter Where You Need One

The EFA’s regional chapters exist through the volunteer leadership efforts of EFA members in a particular city. Chapters have operated in the US and internationally over the years. New ones form as the interest arises. The pins on the map below represent our active chapters.

Chapter events are open to all members, guests of members, and freelancers interested in joining the EFA. Meetings and any other activities are listed on individual chapter pages. Contact the chapter organizer in your area for more information on participating. You must be a member to create an EFA chapter.

If you have questions about forming an EFA chapter, please visit this page and email the chapter development chairperson, Pia Kohler, at chapters@the-efa.org.

Below you’ll find a list of all current chapters, coordinators, and emails.

Chapter Chapter Coordinators Email
Academic Editing Rees Storm, Bailey Harrington, Emma Calabrese, Shifra Diamond, Jennie Seitz, Letitia Henville chap_academic@the-efa.org
BIPOC Sofía JarrínLuisa GallegoSabrina Estudillo Butler bipoc_chapter@the-efa.org
Carolina James Bessey, Elizabeth Farley-Dawson, and Tracy Skipper chap_nc@the-efa.org
Cascadia Becca Rust chap_cascadia@the-efa.org
Chicagoland Kandy Hopkins and Susan Barnes chap_chicago@the-efa.org
Colorado Ginny Ruths, Kim Graber, Marcy Ongert, Jess Stampe, Kandace Little chap_colorado@the-efa.org
Connecticut Faith Williams chap_connecticut@the-efa.org
Florida Lori Swick chap_florida@the-efa.org
Georgia Mari Ann Stefanelli, and Tenesha Curtis chap_georgia@the-efa.org
Houston Amy Megill and Shannon Winton chap_houston@the-efa.org
KidLit Alysa Loring, Amelia Ross, Kristin Batterton chap_kidlit@the-efa.org
Los Angeles Janet Long, Lynn Varon, Erica Williams chap_losangeles@the-efa.org
Maryland Wendy Meyeroff chap_maryland@the-efa.org
Michigan Lisa Gilliam and Heather Romanowski chap_michigan@the-efa.org
Mountain West Hailey Renner and Martha Rasmussen chap_mwest@the-efa.org
New England Megan Hayes, Daisy Kadlik, and E. Prybylski chap_newengland@the-efa.org
New Mexico Nancy Zastudil chap_nm@the-efa.org
North Texas (DFW) Richelle Braswell, Angie McCauley chap_dfw@the-efa.org
Ohio Kirsten Reach chap_ohio@the-efa.org
Orange County Marissa Dunham and Judi Heidel chap_oc@the-efa.org
Philadelphia/Tri-State Dayna Reidenouer chap_philadelphia@the-efa.org
Pittsburgh JJ Hall and Susan Kauffman chap_pittsburghpa@the-efa.org
San Diego Zala Hatic, Mary Knight, Marcella Lopez chap_sandiego@the-efa.org
San Francisco Bay Area Heidi Asundi and Alisha Green chap_sfbay@the-efa.org
St. Louis Ruth Thaler-Carter chap_stlouis@the-efa.org
Virginia April Davis chap_virginia@the-efa.org
Wisconsin Christine Keleny chap_sewisconsin@the-efa.org

Active/Seeking Coordinator

US Chapters

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Los Angeles Area
Mountain West
New England
New Mexico
North Texas (DFW)
Orange County
Pittsburgh, PA
San Diego
SF/Bay Area
St. Louis

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