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To submit your job for posting on the free EFA Job List, just fill out this form. Once your job is posted, it will be available to EFA members within 24 hours.

A confirmation email will be sent to you when your submission is complete. If you do not receive that email, please contact our office at office AT the-efa.org.

Information you provide here will—with the exception of the administrative section at the end of the form—appear in your posting to EFA's Job List subscribers. Starred fields and sections must be completed.

Job Contact *

If you do not have a company name or a website, please complete the field with "none" rather than leaving it blank. If you have a company website, please include http://www. before your domain name.

Contact Method *

How do you prefer to be contacted by the potential freelancer?

(Format: 212-333-0011)

(Format: 212-333-4444)

Work Type *

Please briefly describe the type of work involved. Examples include copyeditor, chemistry editor with PhD, indexer, senior medical editor, copyeditor with elementary school classroom background, magazine cover designer.
Note: You will have additional space in the next field to describe the project, position, or candidate more fully.

Job Description *

Please include detail here— scope of work, manuscript length, candidate qualifications, technical specialty, and the like. Some examples—

  • Looking for freelance project editors for full book projects that run from 8 to 12 months; responsible for developing the table of contents and text to meet vision and brand requirements; managing the art program, overseeing review stages; managing project budget; preparing manuscript for composition.
  • Need a copy editor for a 300-page, adult fiction, historical novel based in medieval France.
  • Looking for a talented medical writer with a strong technical background in clinical research. This is an opportunity for long-term project-based work that serves the public good. We prefer a Jacksonville-area writer, but this is not an in-house position and all qualified applicants will be considered.

Note: Please be as specific as possible. If you paste from a Word document into this field, formatting may be lost.

Pay Rate *

Please indicate an amount in dollars and whether the rate is per hour, per day, per annum, OR per word, per project, per page, etc. If the rate is not within a reasonable range, the submission will be discarded. See the Rates page for typical editorial rates.


  • To indicate a pay range, type the range in the first field.
  • Example of a flat rate: For a flat rate of 75 cents per word, type "0.75" in the first box and "word" in the second box (without quote marks).
  • Example of a rate range: For a rate of $35 to $45 per hour, type "35 to 45" in the first box and "hour" in the second box (without quote marks).

Job Location

On-site Remote

Administrative *

The following information is for EFA records only and will not appear in your job posting. All fields are required.

(Format: 212-377-0044)

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