On 23 September 2022, the Editorial Freelancers Association and Editors Canada hosted a launch event for an academic editing chapter (EFA) and special interest group (Editors Canada). Together, these initiatives aim to bring together editing-related professionals who work with academic-oriented writers, regardless of location for editor or writer. Almost 350 people attended this event, from around the world!

Event panelists were Karen Crosby (editarians.com), Letitia Henville (shortishard.com & writingwellishard.com), Antonn Park (blueflowerediting.com), Amanda Pearson (International Security journal), and Akiko Yamagata (graphiteediting.com). Cara Jordan (flatpage.com) moderated the panel.

Panelists discussed 5 topics:

  1. typical clients and client interactions
  2. professional development in academic editing
  3. supporting clients and editors from equity-seeking groups
  4. engaging with clients to serve them better
  5. finding work in academic editing

The Q&A that wrapped up the event covered numerous topics that can trouble academic editors, such as acknowledgements, moving from academia to editing, and whether there’s a difference between academic editing and scholarly editing.

Full event report is linked on the Academic Editing Chapter website. It will include a list of resources mentioned by panelists and participants during the event.

Rees Storm, Academic Editing Chapter

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