The Modern Language Association (MLA) held its Winter 2020 convention in rainy Seattle January 9–12, and this marked the EFA’s first time exhibiting at it. The event, billed as “the largest and most important of the year for scholars of languages and literature,” hosted 5,000 attendees and 75 exhibitors, including university presses and academic imprints of larger trade presses, a variety of journals, and several services that cater to academic-publishing needs. Seattle-based EFAer Lisa L. Owens helmed EFA’s booth with able help from volunteers Josephine Hao, Jesi Vega, Ann Przyzycki DeVita, Judi Gibbs, and Domenica Newell-Amato. The booth enjoyed a steady stream of visitors during peak hours — some from major exhibitors who were shocked (but so excited!) to learn of EFA’s existence. And many others, from students to professors to in-house publishing pros, stopped to inquire about how to become an editorial freelancer and/or to learn more about the benefits of EFA membership. Our volunteers enjoyed making fruitful connections and presenting EFA to a very receptive new audience.

Lisa L. Owens
EFA Member and former Education Chairperson, EFA Board of Governors