In May we sought our members’ feedback on their experiences with our Job List. We received 275 responses.

Survey respondents were generally pleased with the Job List as a benefit of EFA membership:

  • “I think the Job List is one of the most valuable pieces of EFA membership, and I have always found it to be extremely well-run and vetted. I don’t apply to many jobs any longer but this was an essential piece of getting my business up and running, and I still refer many leads I get to the Job List.”
  • “It seems well-run. I really like that low-priced jobs are not accepted. I think it is a valuable membership benefit.”
  • “I had two job list posts turn into long-term, steady jobs for me, which has made it worthwhile.”

We track how clients find the Job List. Repeat listers and people referred to us by others are by far our most common sources of ads. We recently added “current or former EFA member” as an option there, so now we see that member referrals to the Job List are pretty frequent—thank you. Those are all indicators that job posters are generally happy with the freelancers they are finding through our Job List.

Promoting and Revamping the Job List

Increasing the visibility of the Job List fits into EFA’s strategic priorities:

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This year, the EFA is implementing new advertising and social media strategies that will enable us to target job posters more effectively. In addition, EFA members can help the quest to drive more jobs to the Job List by referring clients, colleagues, friends, etc.

The EFA Board of Governors is planning a major revamp of our entire website in 2023 that includes implementing an association management software system. The Job List, like most of the EFA’s operations, will be adapted to take advantage of the new system. The process is more complicated than many other association job boards, because we screen jobs rather than accepting all jobs submitted. We’re just starting that software transition process, but we hope it will allow us to give members some additional Job List functionality, such as filtering listings and improved reporting. We’ll keep you updated on this process.

Results from Ongoing Job List Poster Survey

We now have 4 months of data from recent clients seeking feedback about their experience posting to the Job List (whether they hired someone from EFA, their satisfaction with the member they hired, etc.).

With 23 responses so far, 74 percent of responders gave the Job List experience a 5 out of 5 rating and 18 percent gave it a 4 out of 5 rating. In addition,

  • 30 percent of respondents reported receiving 0–24 responses to their ad.
  • 48 percent of respondents reported receiving 25–49 responses to their ad.
  • 91 percent of listers hired an EFA member.

We’ll continue to send this form out monthly to recent clients of the Job List.

More Information

For background on how jobs are screened for the Job List
For tips on success in applying for Job List jobs
To see the form job posters submit to post a job

Joy Drohan, Job List Chairperson
EFA Board of Governors

Office Closed Monday April 8.

The EFA Offices will be closed Monday, April 8, 2024. We will reopen on Tuesday, April 9. Job postings, discussion list subscriptions, and other customer service requests may not be responded to until then.

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