Hey, friends!

I wanted to briefly re-introduce myself as the EFA New England chapter coordinator and let you all know some things that I have going on in the background. I apologize for the long quiet period, I had a health issue that happened abruptly right around the writing conference I run, so I have been laid up since the first week of February and am just now starting to find my feet again.

So, who am I? I’m E. Prybylski. I’ve been a professional editor since 2008 and have worked in both traditional and self-publishing spheres. I owned an indie press for seven years before transitioning to working with self-publishing authors. As a result of that experience, I have worn a lot of hats and done most of the jobs at a company, including all the flavors of editing, typesetting, distribution, marketing, and all that “fun” business administration stuff. Those quotes are doing a lot of heavy lifting.

When I’m not editing, I am a TTRPG nerd, historian, violinist, advocate for the neurodivergent community, and spend far too much time on TikTok. I live in southern New Hampshire (just south of Manchester, NH) on a small farm my family has tended for about 300 years.

A while back, I sent out a survey asking folks what they wanted from us, and I’m concerned my EMS client got bounced from a lot of you. I would like to reach out again and share a link to the survey all of you can use to tell me what you are looking for from your EFA New England chapter!

In addition to running the EFA New England chapter, I am going to be working with Author Nation (the conference that took over from 20Books as of this coming year) to do some New England event coordination, and it’s my goal to be able to connect local authors and local editors to strengthen the writing community in our region overall.

I also have hopes to connect with local colleges to see if we can find folks who are interested in editing and may not know the EFA exists. This would allow us to mentor the next crop of editors while also enriching our chapter with fresh perspectives and minds. I am a SNHU alumnus and intend on reaching out to them in the near future to try and establish a rapport with their writing department since I spent so much time in it when I attended.

I have also started a (albeit quite dusty) Discord server to facilitate communication in our New England area. If you aren’t familiar with Discord, it’s an excellent platform that combines text chat with video and audio. It’s sort of like Zoom in that way, but it offers a great deal more functionality for no cost.

Please consider checking out the survey above and letting me know what you would like out of this chapter. I look forward to connecting with you and making the New England EFA chapter a vibrant community where we can support one another, learn from one another, and share our triumphs and difficulties together. Community building is a passion of mine, and New Englanders might not always be “nice,” but are kind, and I look forward to getting to know all of you.

Office Closed Monday April 8.

The EFA Offices will be closed Monday, April 8, 2024. We will reopen on Tuesday, April 9. Job postings, discussion list subscriptions, and other customer service requests may not be responded to until then.

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