The Los Angeles fall chapter meeting was held via Zoom on November 4. It featured a presentation by co-coordinator Linda Ruggeri and her co-author and EFA stalwart Brittany Dowdle based on their newly released book Networking for Freelance Editors. Their approach, tailored to the needs of freelance editorial professionals, was met with a high level of interest (biggest LA meeting to date) and kept people glued to their screens right through the Q&A.

Image: Clockwise from top left: Brittany Dowdle, Linda Ruggeri, Julie McCarron, Christine Knight, Melissa Brandzel, and Kelly Young. Attendees not pictured: Maria Alonzo, Janet Long, Lynn Varon, Brenda Klingenmaier, Liz DeWolf, Pamela Hines, Natalie Tomlin, Jeanne McCafferty, Clara Lowenberg, Nancy Bryan, Erica Williams, Lynn Curry, Christine Steele, Maggie Colston, Sarah Garrett, Marcella Lopez, Ricardo Stanton-Salazar, Kathleen Kelly, Sharon Emanuelli, and Amber Dance.

Janet Long
EFA Los Angeles Chapter Co-coordinator