Akiko Tamano

Word Shaper Editorial Services

WHAT I DO: My mission is to help you hone your writing voice. Whether you’re a writer, publisher, business, or nonprofit, I’ll work with you to communicate clearly and effectively so your message resonates with your audience.

HOW I DO IT: I provide copyediting, line editing, and proofreading services that help you refine your language and avoid embarrassing errors. I’ll fix mistakes in spelling and grammar, ensure consistency, and improve readability, all while honoring your unique style. The result: clear, concise writing that delivers maximum impact.

WHY IT MATTERS: You have a compelling story to tell, or a valuable message to share. But in today’s noisy digital world, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. You can’t afford to alienate your readers with careless or clumsy language, so how you craft your message is critical. Let me partner with you to present your writing in its best light.

MY BACKGROUND: The one constant in my life has been my passion for the written word–when I was six, my mother caught me reading the word problems in a math textbook, for lack of anything better to read, and I started editing friends’ school papers in junior high. In 2016, I founded Word Shaper Editorial Services after 26 years in corporate IT, where I acquired the technical savvy to speedily master new digital tools, and edited documents ranging from user guides to corporate communications.

I have professional training as a copyeditor through UCSD Extension’s copyediting certificate program, and have also completed San Diego State University’s certificate program in technical writing.

When I’m not editing, you’ll likely find me reading, or training my border collie. As a long-time student of positive-reinforcement dog training, as well as holistic health and wellness for pets and people, I would especially welcome projects in those areas.

San Diego, CA

Email: akiko@wordshapereditorial.com


Years in the field: 4
Years freelancing: 4


Akiko Tamano