Alia Neaton


“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
-Abraham Lincoln

A story, anyone’s story, deserves respect and dedication to the intention and integrity of the work. As an editor, I’ve learned to read with diligence, scrutiny, and above all, compassion. I am an editor, writer, reader, world traveler, and perpetual learner. I take new subjects and dive in, from culture to cooking, from polymers to wind technology, from fantasy to biblical history.



My literary editing has included fiction, memoir, how-to, poetry, romance, and thrillers. I’ve developed ongoing relationships that have included authors and publishing companies.


I have collaborated with teams whose aim is curating exceptional online coursework for graduate-level courses at a number of accredited and nationally renowned universities. My  subjects of scrutiny have included the sciences, mechanics and engineering, special education, business and management, marketing, accounting, security, and emergency management. My role has spanned quality assurance and instructional design, with duties aligned to the following:

  • Copyediting online course materials for quality, consistency, conformity to standards, and effective use of language.
  • Proofreading professor-submitted materials and checks course settings for consistency and adherence to standards.
  • Testing functionality of courses through checking multimedia pieces, course links, and 3rd party tool integration.
  • Assembling course components into a cohesive design within a Learning Management System for an optimized student experience.


I earned my bachelors degree from Indiana University’s School of Journalism (2004) and my masters degree from DePaul University’s writing and publishing program (2013).


“I have had the pleasure of working with Alia on two of my novels. Her expert eye and attention to detail took my work to places I never imagined. She was able to help bring the story and its characters to life while never once minimizing my voice as the writer. I would recommend Alia to anyone wanting to take their work to the next level. Her quick response time, kind disposition and authentic desire to help each and every writer make her an ideal editor for both novice authors as well as more tenured, published writers.”
-Rania Mallouk, author of Journey of Hope and Heart of Styles

“I very much liked what I saw and would like to express my appreciation for the detailed work that was done.”
-Edward G. Simmons, Ph.D., author of Talking Back to the Bible: A Historian’s Approach to Bible Study

“You did a great job! Thanks for your help!”
-Paul Hayden, author of The Nonconformist


Feel free to drop me a line or ask questions. I’m happy to help and look forward to developing a new working relationship with you! Let the story be your guide and the words your light.

Ann Arbor, MI


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Years in the field: 12
Years freelancing: 12


Alia Neaton