Allison Goldstein

I am a seasoned editor, literary coach, ghostwriter, journalist, and copy writer with more than a decade of experience helping authors and other thought leaders to produce clear, concise, compelling prose.

My philosophy is one of partnership: I work with my clients to achieve their objectives and put their ideas out into the world. (And occasionally I put a few of my own ideas out there, too.)

Traditional Publishing Experience
I spent six years in-house at Wiley working on both books and journals and, as a consultant, have spent several years editing magazines at Hearst. I also work with independent authors in writing coaching and editing capacities, and these individuals have gone on to acquire agents, land book deals, and self-publish.

Experience Editing for Academia
In addition to my in-house experience at Wiley, I’ve also worked with professors and graduate students at numerous institutions, including Cornell, University of Michigan, University of Massachusetts Boston, University of Colorado Boulder, University of New Mexico, and others. I specialize in fields that use APA style.

Writer for Hire
I’ll write virtually anything for hire–just ask! I currently copy write and ghostwrite for Zero Longevity, Fox Chase Cancer Center, The Wistar Institute, FitBit, and other businesses and thought leaders.

“Just For Fun”
A few more tidbits about me:

  • I competed in the 2020 Olympic Trials Marathon.
  • I moderate a subgroup of Jersey City Writers called The Full Story, which specifically supports novelists.
  • I enjoy Twitter more than any other social media platform. (You can find me at @goldthought.)

My clients include: individual authors, public and private businesses, startups, book and journal publishers, nonprofits, students, professors, colleges and universities

My services include: writing coaching, academic editing, nonfiction editing, fiction editing, developmental editing, copy editing, line editing, rewriting, writing, substantive editing, structural editing, ghostwriting, copy writing

(I’m located right outside Manhattan!)

Jersey City, NJ

Business phone: 646-598-1380


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Years in the field: 17
Years freelancing: 7


Allison Goldstein