Andrew John Hodges

Dr Andrew Hodges

Book editor and coach: fiction and cultural anthropology


(1) Developmental editing and book coaching/consulting

(2) Line editing

(3) Copyediting for indie authors

Niches: fantasy, science fiction, horror, literary fiction, memoir, cultural anthropology, ethnography


Are you a fiction author or creative scholar in need of help? Maybe you’re struggling to finish your book, or in need of fresh inspiration with a finished draft?

If so, you’re in the right place.

I’m Andy, a book editor and coach who runs a business called The Narrative Craft. I have over fifteen years of combined writing and editing experience: over ten years as a research scholar in cultural anthropology, and nearly five years as an editorial business owner. I’ve completed over 200 projects to date.

My background in cultural anthropology and training in counselling means I can help you expertly craft the social, historical, and psychological aspects of your storyworld.

As a professional developmental editor and copyeditor, and a member of the CIEP, I can also help you in crafting a well-polished text with prose that sings!

My specialist areas include:

  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Literary fiction
  • Memoir
  • Ethnography

My services include:

  • Courses in worldbuilding and storytelling craft
  • Developmental editing (sculpting and chiselling your story and arguments)
  • Line editing (pruning, planing, and polishing your prose)
  • Coaching (moulding your work in progress as it takes form)

With my help in navigating the book publishing process, you’ll end up feeling accomplished, satisfied, and self-assured when you submit your book for publishing.

Visit my website for more info, subscribe to my newsletter, or send me a message now. Let’s chat and work towards your publishing goals!

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Years in the field: 14
Years freelancing: 3


Andrew Hodges