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Angie's Editing

Angie’s Editing

Let me take care of the language and mechanical issues so you can focus on your ideas—and your readers can too!

You are a subject matter expert with a passion for your message. You don’t want problems with spelling, grammar, punctuation, or word usage to prevent that message from getting through to your readers. You need a language expert who will partner with you to help you communicate with your target audience as effectively as possible.

I help nonfiction writers communicate their messages to readers clearly and effectively – so their books are ready for publishing, their academic papers are ready for submission and acceptance, and their presentations are professional and effective.

Your writing is a window through which readers experience your ideas.

Just as a layer of dirt and grime on a window or flaws and cracks in it can affect your view of things through that window, errors and inconsistencies in spelling, grammar, and punctuation can get in the way of readers’ understanding of your ideas.

Consistent application of choices about the style, tone, formality, and logical flow of your writing facilitate reader understanding and enjoyment in much the same way that consistent application of characteristics like color, texture, and styling to the windows in your home enhances their visual appeal.

I can also take care of formatting and checking your reference list or bibliography entries and correlating them with your in-text citations; overall document formatting issues such as consistent styling of headings and other elements, formatting of tables and figures, creation or editing of your cover page and table of contents, page numbering, and running headers and footers; and creating publication-ready pdf and epub files.

From Satisfied Clients

Angie’s ability to engage with the content as well as the stylistic/editing issues made all the difference in completing a time-sensitive, data-driven study of healthcare workers’ spiritual health. Her insight, responsiveness, and professionalism quickly made her a trusted partner in this project. I highly recommend her.
Susan D. Douglas, D.Th., Board Certified Chaplain

I originally decided to work with Angie McCauley after seeing a sample of her work. She edited a small portion of my book and I immediately knew that she understood the material and would do a great job making it clearer.

I think of myself as a good writer and wasn’t sure I really needed an editor. After seeing her work, I was convinced she would not only help make my book read better, but that I would learn to be a better and clearer writer. That has proved to be true.

However, she did much more than fix grammar errors and unclear sentence structure. She made the manuscript look professional and worked with me throughout the whole process. If I ever do this again, I will definitely contact Angie. I highly recommend her services.

Brandon Spun, author of On the Spiritual Disciplines: An Introduction to Christian Practice

Copyediting, Formatting, and Proofreading

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Let’s get started today!

Send me an email telling me a bit about what you are writing, and together we will determine how I can best help you to communicate effectively with your readers.

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Angie McCauley