Anna Schnur-Fishman

ASF Editing

Let’s get your ideas out into the world! I’ll help you achieve writing that is:

  • precise
  • coherent
  • compelling
  • artful
  • authentic to you or your institution

Some examples of projects I work on:

  • institutional collateral (marketing materials, etc.)
  • applications (personal & institutional)
  • theses and research papers
  • training manuals & textbooks
  • children’s literature
  • the occasional book that really fits my expertise

My editorial style: I ask a lot of questions, welcome feedback, enjoy tackling thorny parts together, and commit to the finished product you imagine.

Special interest areas:

  • Trans, queer, LGB experiences
  • Judaism, Jewish history
  • Language, linguistics
  • Psychology, cognitive science, mental health
  • Child development, education, parenting
  • DEI, privilege & marginalization (e.g., of race, class, dis/ability, age & other statuses)
  • Feminism, gender studies, ethnic studies
  • History

Visit my website,, for more information. I offer a free consultation to see if I’m a good fit for your project.

Brooklyn, NY

Years in the field: 12
Years freelancing: 5


Anna Schnur-Fishman