Anna GB Sedlacek

I provide substantive feedback on trade nonfiction focused on academic topics, as well as academic writing more generally. I have an exceptional aptitude for analyzing and improving the logical consistency and argument structure of persuasive writing on any topic, but I also have subject matter expertise in psychology, evolutionary theory, and philosophy of science. Additionally, I have experience in the fields of evolutionary anthropology, philosophy of mind, neurology, behavioral genetics, biology, and education.

Just before graduating with a PhD in evolutionary psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, I reflected on my academic experiences and discovered that providing feedback on peer and student writing had been my most rewarding pursuit. But editing manuscripts that would only be read by other researchers couldn’t satisfy my passion for promoting scientific and information literacy. Despite training intensively to become a psychology professor, I decided to switch career tracks to pursue editing with a focus on academic topics aimed at lay audiences so that I could have a broader impact on the world.

Seattle, WA



Anna Sedlacek