Barbara Curialle

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Literature and Philosophy

Barker, Educating Liberty: Democracy and Aristocracy in J. S. Mill’s Thought (Univ. of Rochester Press, 2018): ms. edit
Mazzeno & Norton, eds., European Perspectives on John Updike (Univ. of Rochester Press, 2018): ms. edit



Beardslee & Proctor, I Sang the Unsingable: My Life in Twentieth-Century Music (University of Rochester Press, 2017): ms. edit
Goldman & Dunsby, The Dawn of Music Semiology (Univ. of Rochester Press, 2016): ms. edit
Beach & Mak, Explorations in Schenkerian Analysis (Univ. of Rochester Press, 2016): ms. edit
Medlicott and Goodwillie, Richard McNemar, Music, and the Western Shaker Communities (Kent State Univ. Press, 2012): ms. edit.
Knouse, The Music of the Moravian Church in America (Univ. of Rochester Press, 2007): ms. edit
Lockwood, Beethoven: The Music and the Life (Norton, 2002): ms. edit
Adler, The Study of Orchestration 3e (Norton, 2002): ms. development, edit
The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music (book-CD packages, Garland, 1997-1999): project management: v. 1, Africa; v. 4, Southeast Asia; v. 2, South America, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean; v. 5, South Asia; supervised project mgr. for v. 9, Australia and the Pacific Islands; v. 8, Europe


History and Political Science

Smith, Reformation and the German Territorial State (Univ. of Rochester Press, 2008): ms. edit
Coffin et al., Western Civilizations 15e (Norton, 2005): ms. edit
Lieberthal, Governing China 2e (Norton, 2003): ms. edit
Boydston et al., Making a Nation: The United States and Its People (Prentice-Hall, 2002): Web page development
Noble et al., Western Civilization 3e (Houghton Mifflin, 2001): ms. development
Breunig & Levinger, The Revolutionary Era, 1789–1850 3e (Norton, 2001): ms. edit
Donald, Baker, & Holt, The Civil War and Reconstruction (Norton, 2000): ms. edit
Dower, Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II (Norton, 1999): ms. edit; 2000 Pulitzer Prize (Nonfiction); 2000 National Book Award



Bandura, Moral Disengagement: How People Do Harm and Live with Themselves (Worth, 2016): ms. edit and research
Greenberg et al., Psychological Science (Freeman/Worth, 2015): ms. edit
Gazzaniga & Heatherton, Psychological Science 2e (Norton, 2004): ms. edit
Kassin, Psychology 4e (Prentice-Hall, 2003): ms. development

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Barbara Curialle