Blossom Thom

To the Point • Mutatis Mutandis

Value your voice. Express your eloquence.

Professional Attributes

The words we use reflect our perspective of the world. By acknowledging points of cultural connection and dissonance, I create balanced texts that engage readers. I work with clients to improve the clarity and eloquence of their text.

  • Increases the clarity and eloquence of text
  • Retains the voice of the author and of characters while writing and editing
  • Balances text for a culturally diverse audience
  • Prioritizes tasks to create a manageable schedule

Editing Experience (ProServices Provider: GSINs T000H, T014R1N, and T004H)

My experience as a freelance stylistic, substantive, and copy editor enhances my understanding of the rules of language while my experience as a published poet reminds me of the joy of language.

  • Implements and marks changes with the editing tools of Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat
  • Implements rules of style guides, including MLA, CMOS, and APA
  • Presents queries and changes to clients tactfully
  • Provides editing of poetry, novels, short stories, and annual reports

Sensitivity Reader

My acknowledgement of diverse cultural perspectives creates cultural balance while editing texts.

  • Remains alert for and re-phrases racially dismissive language while editing
  • Recognizes that an audience includes members from a variety of cultures
  • Remains apprised of culturally significant events

Teaching Experience

My class activities provide practical applications of theoretical concepts.

  • Designs workshops that match the needs of participants
  • Provides an encouraging atmosphere to ask questions and share work
  • Designs curriculum for a Basic Essay Writing course
  • Explains citation and grammar rules
  • Provides in-person and written feedback that reflects the grading rubric


Years in the field: 24
Years freelancing: 24


Blossom Thom