Carla DeSantis, PhD

Experienced editor, freelance for university presses, specializing in scholarly and academic materials (Humanities, Social Sciences, Business), including copy editing, stylistic editing, substantive/structural editing, back-of-book indexing, complex documentation, multilingual texts, source and citation formatting, and research proposals. In addition, I myself am a published author with experience in managing a project from research and writing to editing, indexing, and proofhandling.

My advanced linguistic training in several languages makes me attuned in a unique way to correct expression in English. I am fluent in English and Italian, have professional proficiency in Spanish and Latin, and a reading knowledge of French, Ancient Greek, and German. I offer editing services for English texts containing those languages and translating services from Italian, Spanish, and Latin into English.

As a PhD, I am a trained scholarly researcher whose skills, developed through managing lengthy and complex research and writing projects (e.g. critical assessment and analysis of sources; organization of large amounts of information; documentation; project management and timelines), can be applied to a varied range of fields and disciplines. In addition to my freelance scholarly publishing work, I have taught university-level language courses (Latin), taught Italian language privately, and have held research positions.

In addition to the above, other specialized subject areas include:   humanities, Classics, antiquity, ancient culture, medieval studies, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, Humanism, Romance philology, literature, literary criticism, poetry, theatre, drama, textual criticism, manuscript studies, palaeography, codicology, hermeneutics, languages, dialects, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Latin America, Canada, United States, Toronto, religion, spirituality, theology, Christianity, Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, Muslim studies, Jewish studies, history, philosophy, mythology, grammatical texts, grammar, etymology, lexicography, history of book production, bibliographies, education, teaching, social sciences, sociology, psychology, political science, international studies, business, economics, composition, references, style guides, genealogy, music, parenting, juvenile diabetes, Canadian English, North American English

Editors’ Association of Canada’s professional development courses: Copyediting; Proofreading; Stylistic Editing; Substantive Editing; Scholarly Editing; Writing and Editing for the Web; Indexing; Freelance Business; Setting Rates; Search Engine Optimization.

As a dual U.S./Canadian citizen, I am available for telecommuting employment in both countries.

I am also a member of Editors Canada and the Indexing Society of Canada; view my professional profiles at: and

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Some testimonials:

“… Editing a large volume and a technical literature needs more than editorial expertise. It takes a lot of patience and also intellectual engagement with the text to be successful. Ms. DeSantis demonstrated all these and showed exceptional commitment and sincere sensitivity to make the text accessible and readable both for experts as well as for the general interested public and policy makers … In short, her excellent work has made me addicted to her editorial skills and style, and I hardly imagine I will make a second choice when it comes to my next work.” M.J.A. Mahallati, Presidential Scholar in Islamic Studies, Oberlin College

“Upon reading the copyedited manuscript of Cultures of the Fragment: Uses of the Iberian Manuscript, 1100–1600, I knew that the University of Toronto Press had chosen the perfect editor for the book. Carla’s training in medieval studies and languages, especially in Latin and Spanish, were invaluable in producing a readable and accurate text of a monograph on medieval and early modern manuscripts in some five languages. Carla made vital suggestions for the English translations of Latin, Spanish and French text, and was extremely helpful in ensuring the transliterations of Arabic and Aljamiado (Spanish in Arabic script) words were consistent. Carla helped me to bring the subject matter to a wider audience while preserving the complexity of the book’s thesis and its lengthy close readings. The book is a much better book thanks to Carla, and I sincerely hope to work with her again.” Prof. H. Bamford, George Washington University

“I was pleased with Carla’s structural and copy edit of my nonfiction title: Tragedy Is Risk Theatre. One of the things that I am most grateful for is that she preserved my own voice while adding clarity and directness to the manuscript. I am also grateful for her obvious care and patience in reading, analyzing, and restructuring the arguments. One of the qualities of a great editor is patience, and Carla has this quality in the spades. Great work, Carla, and I look forward to working with you again.” E. Wong, author

“Ms. DeSantis copy edited a volume of the Collected Works of Erasmus which I edited, translated, and annotated. The volume was a complex one, containing five works relating to Erasmus’ controversies with his Catholic critics. She was able not only to ensure that the style was correct and consistent, but to find and correct many of my errors, working through the texts and notes systematically and meticulously. In the process she made good use of her knowledge of Latin and Greek. I commend most highly her thoroughness and her patient and pleasant attitude to the work.” Prof. D.L. Drysdall, University of Waikato, NZ

“I wholeheartedly recommend Carla DeSantis. In the many months of our collaboration as copy editor she worked with unflagging dedication, precision, and a keen eye for detail. She was thorough, stayed in close touch with me throughout the project, displayed expert judgement, and prepared the final text with admirable professionalism. I thank the University of Toronto Press for making her available for the edition of Erasmus’ Ecclesiastes and Exomologesis. Her expert guidance made all the difference.” Prof. F.J. McGinness, Mount Holyoke College

“Carla edited my book The Drama of the Assimilated Jew. She did an excellent job. She is very precise and detail oriented. She caught many of my own oversights and generally polished the text, making valuable suggestions and always consulting me on changes. I recommend her highly.” Prof. L. Kroha, McGill University

TORONTO, Ontario

Years in the field: 15
Years freelancing: 8 santis.23544

Carla DeSantis, PhD